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Wood is King: 20 Designs of the Home of Ann Living

The 20 images of the work of Ania show us that the wood in your home doesn’t have to match to be amazing, warm and comfortable. Not only do the rather chunky wood pieces featured in this home look comfy and inviting, but the square, round and rectangular shape features are efficient and tidy. Fabrics in the space are lusciously casual; the plush rug in the conversation pit means your shoes must stay at the door! A striking wall-covering, featuring birds and plants, lessens the need for excessive art that would detract from the overall style of the home. The artwork that is on the walls offers texture, unique shapes, or images that lighten the weight of beamed ceilings and strongly shaped wooden furniture. Despite the hearty lumber used in the construction of the furniture in this home, light moves easily through the space and gives the eye a space to stop and linger. This home is engaging and visually comfortable in every aspect.