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27 Stairways Worth Climbing Wall Decor Ideas

Stairways don’t need to be empty spaces that are passed on the way to the next floor. They also can be more than a collection of family photos. You can decorate them and show your style and personality. Take a look at these ideas for inspiration.

Eclectic Stairwell Art Gallery

Dani created a collection of fun art that makes you want to look at every piece. You climb the stairs not to get to the next floor but to examine the artwork. She coordinated the art by placing pieces with splashes of pink and some red throughout the display.

The Golden Stairway Display

Willow and Pearls also created a stairway display using unexpected wall decor. She features gold throughout the collection, such as the gold tones in the images and the gold-framed mirror and artwork. The artwork features a combination of themes, including cows, ducks, butterflies, and documents. Another good reason to climb the stairs.

Three-story Stairway Wall Decor.

Faith Kalson chose natural items for her three-story stairwell decor. She features plants. Plants are hanging, sitting on the steps, held in plant stands, and placed on a bench and a shelf. She added rattan baskets and framed mirrors, Some of the art uses wide wooden frames. Faith finished by mixing in hanging metal wall art.

Maximalist Stairway Wall Decor

Boazinyo started his stairway wall decor with a mirrored chest of drawers beside the staircase. He decorated the top of the chest with vases, foo dogs, and a statue. Large vases sit on both sides of the stand. He placed a taller chest at the foot of the stairs with a vase beside it. This chest features a scenic image on the front and a statue on top. A mirror hangs behind it, and a collection of small framed artwork hangs on the wall beside it. Up the staircase, Boazinyo hung large painted portraits. He created the ultimate Maximalist gallery.

Modern Art Gallery Stairway

Laura created a clean, uncluttered gallery in her entryway and stairwell. She used a shelf instead of a hall table to add to the light feel of the space. Her use of Modern Art adds an unexpected element because most stairway images are photos of ancestors. Overall, it provides a fresh look to her foyer.

Goth Inspired Stairwell Decor

Lyn of Moving to the Dark Side seems to have a gothic leaning to her stairway wall decor. She started with a black staircase and a hanging globe light in the hall. Then, she covered the wall clear up to the landing with wall-to-ceiling, antique-looking, floral still lifes.

Boho Stairway Display

Instead of wall art going up the stairs, Emily of Our Wainscot Home created a display area at the foot of the stairs. Her display starts with wainscoting and adds a plant and a stool sitting in front of it. Two shelves hold two modern art prints, three rattan plates, and a few other eclectic items. A rattan hanging lamp finishes off the space.

Fun Popart Stairway Wall Decor

Adriana of visualaidd created a fun, boho collection of pop art stairway wall decor. The artwork accents the beautiful, curved, wood stairs. The curve in the stairs entices you to see what is beyond it, but the artwork causes you to stop and investigate each piece. You could sit on the stairs and lose yourself in the art.

Upscale Stairwell Decor

Sarah of The Strawberry House Loñdon used two items to create an elegant, mood-setting display at the bottom of the stairs. The black railing with the white newel posts adds drama to the stairway. Sarah’s arrangement of the Bauhaus poster and the planter adds to the upscale feel.

Traditional Family Photo Stairway Wall

Emily of Life at Number 6 followed the traditional path of using family photos to decorate the stairwell. She uses a coordinated collection of black and white, current and ancestral family photos. She added a mirror, stand, and a couple more images at the base of the stairs.