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Celebrate All the Seasons With 24 Soul Calming Designs From Gray Girl Szarosci

For those who live in cold country, the ability to manage that first space inside the front door can be a challenge. Among the 24 designs of Gray Girl, you’ll find a wonderful foyer space, ideal for dropping off wet shoes, damp jackets, books and bags. This home also offers many ways to capture the clutter of family life so you can snuggle in and enjoy an evening with your partner and your little ones. There is also a sunroom to check out. The smart use of small spaces is celebrated in this home. The U-shaped kitchen provides both breakfast seating and a clever workspace under the big windows over the sink. Additionally, this home also offers quantities of space where it counts, such as in the living room where the large family sectional sits. Textures abound in this home. Painted bricks and warm woods draw the eye easily from from front foyer all the through to the snuggly sun room. Storage ideas abound throughout this home, from the clever shelves under a basket tray to double shelf wall-mounted boxes. If you find minimalism to be cold rather than efficient, Gray Girl’s style offers wonderful ways to show off what you love.