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18 Stunning Scandinavian Decor Ideas With Flower Blossom From Mareike

A solid wood table with softly curved dining chairs works well with tall, jangling forsythia blooms. What color goes with everything? Green, like the large print above the comfy grey sofa. If you’re just finding your style, the designs of Mareike can help you gain confidence as you pair what you love with with you have until you can find more of what you love. This vegan designer is obviously inspired by plants, and her home is energized by flowers, twigs and lush green plants. Each piece has its own style and shape. The home is cleverly pulled together with tall vases, placed in each room to move the eye from space to space. Another interesting similarity that runs through these 20 images is the use of clean, white tones. Curtains, cupboards, and trim are generally white. Mareike saves her favorite colors for bright flowers and strong, sturdy twigs for display. Visual height draws the viewer across the room to check out the smaller pieces that require us to lean in and linger in this fresh, clean space.