Zinus Jen 47 Inch Solid Wood Kitchen Dining Table, Natural

Inspired by classic mid-century design, the 47 inch Jen Wood Dining Table blends the natural beauty of solid wood with a compact, less-is-more silhouette. Crafted with round tapered legs and tabletop with rounded corners, this versatile piece refines a small dining area, nook or multipurpose room with understated elegance. It can comfortably seat 4 people and is made entirely from durable, solid wood with a finish that easily wipes clean. And best of all, assembling this beauty can be done in 2 simple steps. Plus, we even give you the tools to do it! If that weren’t enough, Jen is also backed with a 1-year worry-free warranty for peace of mind. With delivery and setup so seamless, even with limited space, having a magazine-ready spot to host your next gathering has never been this effortless.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“This dining table honestly checks all the boxes – lightweight yet sturdy, super easy to put together, and very appealing to look at. With limited space in my apartment, I couldn’t have found something more perfect. Plus, it comes with a handy little ratchet that can also be used to assemble these chairs!” – Kate (Source: Amazon)

“Great little table! Solid wood and easy to assemble. Love the attention to detail from this company. Awesome product!” – Christina (Source: Amazon)

“I love this table. I had been looking at it on here for over a year before purchasing. It’s the perfect size for my space. It’s exactly what I was looking for aesthetically. It was very easy to put together. Well packaged. Table came with pads on the bottom of the legs which was a nice touch. I will say that the table has the slightest wobble to it, but nothing terribly noticeable. We eat dinner at the table nearly every night, we’ve done puzzles at the table. It’s a great table.” – Christopher S. (Source: Amazon)

“Amazing! The top is easily damaged, but it’s to be expected, and I feel like that just adds to the charm of this table.” – Maksimas (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect for small spaces. Most compared to a size of a large desk. Great quality, color, sturdiness for the price. Something you’d pick up in Target or home goods. Doesn’t have a weird sticker which is what I was afraid of. Also the color is more of a pine and not walnut or acorn” – Jazmin (Source: Amazon)

Other Decor Ideas

Minimalist Elegance: Give importance to simplicity, functionality and space. The ZINUS Jen Dining Table can be the centerpiece in this setting surrounded by white leather chairs, breaking the monotony of color. Use light shades of gray or white for walls and flooring to echo minimalist principles, accentuating the natural brown color of the table. Display a tall glass vase with a single branch of cherry blossoms in the center for an understated but classy touch. Large windows or glass doors would allow natural light to highlight the design elements.

Rustic Charm: Create a warm, cosy and welcoming atmosphere by combining the ZINUS Jen Dining Table with mismatched vintage chairs. The variation adds a charming, personal touch. An antique chandelier hanging low above the dining table would induce a warm, soft light, enhancing the charm. The natural brown color of the table would work perfectly with earth tones like beiges, light browns, and burnt oranges. Adding a patterned carpet in similar shades underneath would complete the rustic setting.

Industrial Chic: Leverage the clean lines and solid wood of ZINUS Jen Dining Table to sync with the rawness of industrial design. Pair it with industrial metal chairs to add a distinct, gritty touch. Use raw materials in their naked form like exposed brick walls, concrete flooring and visible metalwork. Hanging an oversized geometric metal pendant lamp above the table would help define the industrial chic look and anchor the dining area.

Scandinavian Simplicity: The ZINUS Jen Dining Table can be paired beautifully with light-colored Scandinavian design chairs or benches that embody simplicity. Add some organic elements like draping greenery – perhaps a vase with eucalyptus branches, and a plush, furry rug beneath the table for indoor warmth. Above, hang geometric, low-set light fittings to cast a cozy, inviting glow. Sustainability is key in Scandinavian design. Elements such as large windows would allow more natural light and untreated pine frames on wall hangings or artwork would create a sense of closeness to nature.

Contemporary Contrast: To create a contrast color scheme, pair the table with matte black upholstered chairs. This combination will create a striking and modern dining area. Centerpiece could be a geometric brass fruit bowl or a multi-candle holder, adding more texture. To keep the setting lively, hang a large colorful piece of abstract artwork on the nearest wall. Use horizontal blinds or sleek roller shades for windows. A monochrome, patterned rug under the table can add another layer of modern sophistication to the space.