Zesthouse Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs Set

Introducing style and sophistication, a set of cantilever dining chairs will instantly elevate any modern dining room. Featuring a tube-steel frame, these chairs are incredibly durable and sturdy, providing long-term service. The frame has implemented a cleaner and more rational geometric aesthetics, and the chairs can be stacked together for ease of storage when not in use. The stained rattan backrest is artfully hand-woven in a red oak tone, while the seat is filled in high-density sponge and upholstered with a boucle fabric, both providing optimal comfort. The breathable mesh rattan backrest helps to ventilate rooms and dissipate heat, creating a cool and dry sitting feeling. Perfect for modern interiors, this set of chrome cantilever dining chairs is the ideal finishing touch for any room. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a family meal, these chairs bring comfort, style and sophistication to your home.

Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I love these chairs and their airy boho 70s vibe. The cane is real, i.e. woven plant material, so it has natural variations from the reeds used and the weaving process. It doesn’t have the squeaky perfection of plastic —this is a plus for me, YMMV.The square-ish frame of the backs is solid wood and sanded smooth. The seat cushions are very firm; I’m guessing particle board with foam wrap. It needs that sturdiness to physically hold the chair together. They’re comfy enough for dining chairs, but I wouldn’t want to sit for hours. There’s a very slight bounce which really takes me back to when my aunt had similarly shaped chairs when I was a small kid. Just love that.” – Tio (Source: Amazon)

“I have to be honest. These chairs were NOT my first choice. I was planning to get chairs that had rattan on the back and the seat. However, the prices of those chairs were way outside of my comfort zone so I ended up finding these and I AM SO HAPPY I DID! Not only are they amazingly affordable, they are also beautifully made and extremely comfortable! Also, I have rattan and boucle in other pieces in my place and these chairs match them perfectly!Assembly tip: It will seem like the legs don’t line up with the cushion at first but they do. You have to assemble one side and then have someone push the other side to line up with the cushion holes as you screw them in. This is what makes these chairs so sturdy!” – Emmanuel Pineda (Source: Amazon)

“I love it! The chairs are excelent quality, solid and pretty. I am so happy” – Yoli (Source: Amazon)

“Assembly was pretty easy, i did it by myself and it took maybe an hour for all 4. They’re sturdy and well made and super comfy! We love them! Definitely recommend” – Kelby Mayberry (Source: Amazon)

“These were just what I was looking for, a little pop of vintage! The yellow isn’t super bright which actually worked out in my favor” – Taramin Stuber (Source: Amazon)