Walker Edison Modern Scandinavian Fluted Door 69″ Sideboard, Oak/Black

Sleek, stylish, and storage-savvy. This fluted-door sideboard is bound to instantly upgrade your dining space, living room, or entryway with its minimal build and versatile storage. With adjustable shelving and wide surface space, this piece can easily transition into a TV stand, a space for spare linens, or a place to debut your dishware. Whatever your storage needs, this four-door console will house all the essentials with functional finesse. Whether your home reflects coastal, contemporary, or cottage-inspired interiors, this piece will effortlessly enhance all your other décor with its fluted-door frame and minimalist intrigue.

Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“So I’ve spent MONTHS trying to find the perfect TV stand, I was really torn between multiple and finally decided on this one. I was really hesitant because it was really affordable compared to others I was look at from shops like pottery barn, west elm, etc. I can confidently say that this is the exact same quality as those higher end shops at literally a fraction of the price. It took a while to assemble, one door kind of rubs, but other than that I’ve relieved so many compliments on it. I love the soft close doors. It also has tons of storage. Super happy with my purchase!” – NightSky (Source: Amazon)

“Ugh I can’t even say enough how beautiful this credenza looks!In my opinion this is so worth the investment! I mean look how beautiful! It elevated this space to a whole new level! The color of the wood is just perfect, It has soft close doors, attention to detail etc..it was packaged beautifully as well. They really did an excellent job. Building was so easy, the longest part was just installing the doors.One BIG suggestion that I will urge anyone who purchases this to make is to hop on over to the actual Walker Edison website and watch their video on “how to install soft close doors” this will REALLY help when ensuring your doors are sitting even and perfect.(The last picture is right before I received my new paintings- also purchased here on Amazon but I included it to show what it looks like from further away)” – Jasmine (Source: Amazon)

“Beautiful piece – Looks high end. This piece is stunning. Lovely color and details. Looks x4 the price. Warning, it is heavy. So happy with this purchase.” – Stephen O’Connell (Source: Amazon)

Other Decor ideas

Colors: Start with a color palette that is in tune with the coastal oak and black. Try crisp whites, warm beige, hints of blues or aquas, and light washed woods. Stick to matte finishes, which will play off the rich texture of the sideboard.

Wall Decor: Create a gallery wall with modern art prints framed in black to tie in with your sideboard. Alternatively, go for a large abstract painting or a beach-themed artwork for a coastal look.

Lighting: Position a minimalist, black metal floor lamp near the sideboard. This will spotlight the area and provide some drama. For a softer look, arrange candles in varying heights and thicknesses on top of the sideboard.

Styling the Surface: On the surfaces, play with a mixture of low and high pieces for balance and interest. A large bowl filled with seashells, driftwood, or glass floats could add a coastal touch. Add modern sculpture or ceramics and a black-rimmed mirror for a contemporary feel.

Textiles: Nearby, add a rug with a modern geometric pattern or a soft, shaggy wool rug for a chic, Scandinavian look. For more coastal flair, opt for a jute or sisal rug.

Accessories: Use gold or brass accessories to add a bit of luster and warmth. Things like a brass tray or photo frames could work well on the top of your sideboard