Walker Edison Fehr Modern 4 Door Bookmatch Buffet

This modern buffet is the perfect addition to any room for both form and function. With a two-toned finish and silver hardware, the mixed materials provide an eye-catching mid-century modern appeal. The adjustable rubber feet make it easy to place on hardwood floors or carpets in any room, allowing for versatility and style. In a kitchen, the buffet can be used as a traditional sideboard, while in the living room it can provide additional storage. The possibilities are endless, so get creative and make a statement with this uniquely designed piece.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I am SO happy with the look and quality of this, especially for the price we got it for! I’m glad we had two people to put it together – I believe it took us about three hours.I really like the quality of the handles. Also – for being fake wood, I really really like the look of it. Our entertainment stand is a fake wood look and looks way cheaper than this.For the humans that said the doors didn’t line up – you are able to make adjustments when you are attaching the doors. You might just have to play around with it a little bit!The one thing I don’t like is the cheapness of the sound when the doors close.Other than that – love love love it!” – Jasonm (Source: Amazon)

“Beautiful and functional piece. A little underwhelmed with the quality of the “wood” on top. The heat of my coffee cup kind of melted a part of it. But it’s amazon, not West Elm, so I have to set my expectations accordingly. Other than that love it!” – Nikki (Source: Amazon)

“My partner, who put this together, probably would say 3 stars out of 5, because it took awhile (an hour or so?) and he had to adjust the doors 3-4 times in order for them to close correctly. But, I love it! Sturdy, comes with shelves. We keep a record player and drinks on it, and have lined the interior with bins and keep kitchen stuff in it. People comment how cute it is, but the doors are laminate, so if you notice that kind of matching pattern thing, and it bothers you, beware.” – Dana Reinert (Source: Amazon)

“I love this product! Was really easy to put together and came in perfect condition. It looks exactly like the picture” – Kayla Lyman (Source: Amazon)

“Assembly did take a little bit but everything fell in place according to instructions. I was happy to see the cutouts for the cords, I saw a review that said there were none. (?) I changed the handles for gold. I bought these separately from Walmart. Very MCM and great value. Love it!!!” – Slavka K. (Source: Amazon)