Vinsetto 65.75″ Height Adjustable V-Shaped Standing Desk, White

Working from the comfort of home has become a part of our everyday lives, making ergonomic furniture and accessories a must-have. This adjustable V-shaped standing desk is a great addition to any home office. With a simple press of a button, you can adjust the tabletop height from 28.25” to 48”, making it possible to stand or sit while working. It also has a large V-shaped desktop which measures 65.75” x 39.75”, providing plenty of space for your office supplies, documents, and more. The desk is also equipped with an automatic memory function, allowing you to save time and quickly return to your preferred desk height. This is great for those who prefer to switch between both sitting and standing positions throughout the day. The adjustable height of the desk enables you to find the perfect posture for your body, reducing neck and back pain, while also increasing productivity. It’s a great addition to any home office or study, perfect for those who would like to add ergonomic furniture to their workspace.

Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I am completely impressed with how the desk came packaged with everything you would possibly need to put the desk together – including a screwdriver. I put this together myself with zero experience building anything and it could not have been easier. I love the automatic capabilities with the ability to set your favorite heights – you can create 4 custom settings – plus still use the up and down arrow to satisfy everything in between. The desk appeared smaller than the photos but it honestly is perfectly – I have enough space to write on either side and keep everything within arms reach. I highly recommend this!” – JDK (Source: Amazon)