Veradek V-Resin Indoor/Outdoor Taper Planter, Set of 2

  • GARDEN DECOR: Decorate your space with the Veradek Taper planter; Whether you use it as a patio, entrance or railing accent, this strong and sturdy yet lightweight contemporary garden container is the perfect fit with its sharp and modern appeal
  • PLASTIC COMPOSITE MATERIAL: This single wall molded planter has a smooth, scratch-resistant finish that is made from a high-grade Polypropylene composite, giving the tall square tapered pot its flexible and impact resistant qualities to withstand all seasons
  • DIMENSIONS: These modern pots measure 30 Inches in height, 15.25 Inches in width and 15.25 Inches in length
  • REMOVABLE INSERT SHELF: This plant container comes equipped with a removable shelf, providing the versatility of fully filling the planter with soil or using an interchangeable plant insert; It also includes an optional drainage hole
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: This sleek planter with a perfect balance of durability and convenience is designed to withstand any kind of weather, specifically colder climates, with its frost resistant qualities and is specially treated to minimize fading

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“Show stopper! Stunning, sleek and modern planter. These planters are absolutely beautiful that they demand attention. I love that they are made of a sturdy poly composite yet it’s light enough to move around. Unfortunately, I don’t have a green thumb therefore I do artificial plants. I love that there is a removable shelf within this planter. I was able to put a foam block on the shelf and arrange my plants as I liked. I loved this so much I bought 2 more in the 18 inch for my side door entrance. If your on the fence, go for it!” – Steve hoffman (Source: Amazon)

“Nice planters. These Veradek V-Resin planters are of excellent quality. I use them at an entryway, and the saucer trays keep the water and soil off the walkway. These planters are not lightweight plastic. They are well-built and have some weight. They come with a divider to set inside the planter, so you do not need to try to fill it all with soil for planting. I have not noticed any fading or discolorization since being outside.” – Bradley (Source: Amazon)

“A bit heavy had to use a dolly to move them to the location I needed – the first one got some deep scratches as I didn’t put a pad between the metal dolly and the planter. So if you are moving them with a dolly be sure to put padding between dolly and the planter ” – Shelly Ward (Source: Amazon)

“Modern tall Planters. The pair of black planters were perfect in each corner of my townhome. They make the perfect statement in each corner. I feel I can get festive with the planters because of their substantial size They look easy to clean and easily moves across my wood floors.” – Myoj50 (Source: Amazon)

“These planters are very beautiful. I did not choose to get the base for the planters because I am using fake flowers. Therefore, I won’t need to water them and do not need the base. I used a regular styrofoam for flower design to arrange the flowers and place that into the planter. It makes a beautiful addition to my porch. The only thing I would say is that I chose black and the black is not as black as I would’ve liked. It’s more like a very, very dark brown. But you can’t tell, unless you really look closely at it. I’m very happy with this.” – Jenell BarKan-Carroll (Source: Amazon)

I love the shelf so I can just pop a hanging basket or plant in without have to fill it up with dirt or filler. Light weight too.” – Michelle Mason (Source: Amazon)