Tribesigns 5-Tier Bookshelf, Vintage Industrial Style Bookcase, Gold

  • EXTRA LARGE SPACE for SHOWCASE: 72” high x 12” widex 47” long, and the compartments height is about 14.2” , 5 spacious shelves bookcase with 47 inches length made it an ideal organization for all of your storage and display needs.
  • RELIABLE STABILITY and DURABILITY: Constructed with a solid steel tube support metal and E1 class environment protection engineered wood, a smooth line structure bookshelves that will not let you down in the long run.
  • Multifuction with Open Design: A budget-friendly addition to any room in need of more storage, this bookcase offers perfect space for your finest books, knick knacks, curios, trinkets.
  • NON-SLIP LEG PAD: Super easy to assemble and adjustable pads avoid floor from scratching and keep balance for different height need, uneven ground conditions.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“Love this piece! It came very well packaged, I assembled it by myself in no time and it’s sturdy. One of the shelves does have a small chip in it but it’s no big deal- I put that side towards the wall and you can’t even see it. The quality is impressive and it’s super cute. So happy with this. Just buy it!!!” – kristen (Source: Amazon)

“The assembly was very simple, the overall aesthetic is good, and the size fit perfectly in the space. The only downside was the finish I selected, I would have preferred a bronze gold rather than a sparkling gold finish for the metal pieces.” – TS (Source: Amazon)

“Beautiful piece. Easy to assemble. This is more of a bronze orange gold and not a true true gold so be mindful of that.” – Mia Sublett (Source: Amazon)

“Love it. perfect fit. Nice looks . I ordered for my plants . I put maybe 70 plants on that now ? Very sturdy . And I make it myself no problem.1000% satisfied!I will order one more so I put it right next to it .” – You Jin lee (Source: Amazon)

“I’m not a fan of putting things together but even I was able to put this together easily. Looks so expensive and it filled my empty wall space perfectly.” – grecia torres (Source: Amazon)

“This was so easy for us to assemble. Some of the pieces were slightly more difficult, but still overall very manageable. We got two and put them together and once the carpet settled, they matched evenly. I love this new addition to our office!” – Colleen (Source: Amazon)

“Worth the price! I don’t usually write reviews but I was very impressed with this bookshelf. Im using it as a wine/ bar rack of sorts. It is very sturdy and great quality! I looked high and low for a unique piece with a decent price! This is definitely it!” – Leticia Lizarraga (Source: Amazon)

Other Decor Ideas

Urban Chic Living Room Display: Given its vintage industrial style blended with contemporary fashion, the Tribesigns 5-Tier Bookshelf can serve as the perfect anchor in a chic, urban living room that marries metallics with warm, rich textures. Imagine this gold bookshelf positioned against a dark, matte wall, serving as a display for an eclectic mix of items: elegantly framed black and white family photos, select pieces of pottery, a collection of hardcover design books, interleaved with some low-light indoor plants like pothos or snake plants on alternating shelves. This not only showcases the homeowner’s personal taste but also adds a layer of sophistication and warmth to the living space.

Classic Home Office Organizer: In a home office setting where space is at a premium, the Tribesigns bookcase’s slim profile and spacious shelves make it an ideal choice for organization and style. You could style it with labeled wicker baskets on lower shelves for storing office supplies and documents, and reserve the upper shelves for industry-related books, a couple of inspiring art pieces or awards, and maybe a couple of stylish, small storage boxes in gold or cream to complement the bookcase’s finish. Such an arrangement would not only keep the office tidy but also elevate its elegance and inspire productivity.

Sophisticated Café or Boutique: For small business owners who aim to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in their café, boutique, or salon, this bookshelf could serve as an attractive interior feature. It can be utilized to display products for sale, from unique coffee blends and handmade mugs in a café to jewelry and fashion accessories in a boutique. The structure and color of the shelf itself could be accented with industrial-style lighting to draw attention to the items displayed, all while maintaining an ambiance that’s both upscale and welcoming.

Chic Bedroom Retreat: In a bedroom, this Tribesigns bookshelf can be skillfully turned into a personal retreat corner. By dedicating each tier to a different aspect of relaxation – one shelf for favorite books and magazines, another for aromatherapy candles and essential oils, another for a small collection of serene artwork or photographs, and perhaps one shelf for beautifully knit throws or quilts – it could very well turn into a centerpiece of personal sanctuary where style meets solace.

Elegantly Efficient Bathroom Storage: Especially in bathrooms that lack sufficient built-in storage, this slender, tall bookshelf can offer an unexpectedly glamorous solution. The lower shelves could hold neatly folded towels or baskets filled with toiletries and bath essentials, while the upper shelves could be home to a collection of perfumes, decorative soaps, and a small vase with fresh flowers to both beautify the space and create an organized, spa-like atmosphere. Its metal framework and engineered wood shelves promise durability, even in the humid environment of a bathroom.