Suncast 5.9 ft. x 3.7 ft Horizontal Stow-Away Resin Storage Shed

Storage space can be a problem, let the Suncast Glidetop Horizontal Shed be your solution. This medium sized 5. 4 ft. x 3. 2 ft. shed offers a spacious capacity of 70 cu. ft. and features wide double doors with a hinged lid, allowing you to move and store oversized items with ease. With a sleek, low-profile design, it is the ideal compact storage space for trash cans, bikes, mowers and patio furniture. The outdoor storage shed is constructed of blow molded resin that is both durable and strong. Resin is easy to clean and will not rust or rot, for an attractive and professional-looking space that will last a lifetime.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I purchased the shed to set up a portable generator for whole house emergency power. I used paving blocks to make a pad for the shed to set on. Shed was easy to assemble. Needed two people to install the top, but the rest was easily done by one person. Works well for my intended use. Keeps the generator out of the weather, but close to the inlet plug making it simple to get the power to the house.” – DB (Source: Amazon)

“Purchased this storage unit for two adult road bikes. The two bikes fit perfectly, and there is enough room for a third bike too. Assembly was easy and took about 2 1/2 hours. It’s helpful to have two people for assembly, especially when attaching the roof. I have already recommended this unit to friends who have bicycle storage needs.” – R Schramm (Source: Amazon)

“First impresssions: box arrived damage, looks like it had the fork of a forklift stuck through it. Open the box and the lid/top was scratched but structurally sound from said fork through box. Package containing parts was opened from said fork and gas struts were floating around in the package. No other damage and all parts accounted for.Assembly: Easy to put to gether. Bolts are not marked as to what they are so you have to guess which ones you are supposed to use in each step, read the instructions ahead of time and that will help a bit. Lots of extra screws and a few bolts and nuts which was really nice in case you drop some in the gravel or dirt. Only part that requires two people is the putting the lid/top on other than that it is a one person job. A power screw driver or drill makes the job much easier. Takes about 45-60 minutes.” – JBrookie (Source: Amazon)

“I purchased this storage shed to store our two 96 gallon cans in, since the HOA wants these out of plain view. Most of my neighbors go the cheaper route by purchasing flimsy gates that look worse than seeing the garbage and recycle bins. Which in my opinion doesn’t work as it is more than an eyesore and unsightly. I wanted to do this right the first time and after shopping around decided to go this route. Installation was not hard and I successfully managed doing it by myself however there are times where an extra set of hands were needed. I concur with the comment someone else made about metal screws into plastic they don’t really get as tight as I would like and I am bit concerned about strong winds and it durability in holding up. I have yet to experience this yet but this works very well and hids the bins as intended and looks a lot better than the flimsy vinyl gates that you stick in the yard. The price is a bit much I kept looking for a sale but that never came about. I did do some price comparison and found this to be very competitive on Amazon.I give it four stars for the overall look and functionality but I am weary how it will stand during extreme inclement weather.” – DES (Source: Amazon)

“This unit is the 4700 size.This install only took 2 hours for one person. This didn’t include the base which you have to make. I just had to put the unit on my patio. The unit does come with a floor which is just one piece. The top is also one piece and the back is two parts. The sides and backs slide and snap into place.The hardware of bolts and screws is what takes time to strengthen the structure. I had a drill set at a 2 level as to not over tight/strip the screws.I had an issue with the door hinges as they are to be slid on the door. But the pins on the door hinges has a molded form where you have to slice it to allow the hinge to be slid on. Once the hinges are on, test their movements- you don’t want them tight. One door was fine but the other was tight. I had to widen those hinges for more movement.The last item that was ‘not so easy’ to install was the support bars on the roof. They first tell you to install a longer bar to the front of the roof but when it came time to install the three support bars I couldn’t interlock them into this longer bar in the front. So I had to loosen those ten screws, no need to remove, to allow enough space to push the three bars into place. Other than these two items I mentioned, the install goes very quickly.” – Denis J. OSullivan (Source: Amazon)

“I’m a 75 year young woman who has assembled countless products over the years. I’m glad I had the experience and tools to get this job done. It was a bit challenging. However, I’m happy with the finished project and now my fire wood is in a place where the chipmunks can’t use it as a place to store their stash!” – Jilly (Source: Amazon)

“Well I decided to buy it even though the many bad reviews I saw from people saying the wind blew it away. If you want something bear, storm proof, etc, build a concrete one!It was easy to put together, it works exactly as needed and it’s not as ugly as I thought. The bikes in the pictures are a 27 and 29 and they fit perfectly fine. I’d recommend this product.” – Raciel (Source: Amazon)

Other Landscaping Ideas

Pool Storage: For homes with swimming pools, the Suncast storage shed offers a dedicated space to securely keep pool items. Pool noodles, inflatable rafts, goggles, and cleaning supplies can quickly become strewn all over the yard and lost, thus having a central storage point makes organization and access easier. Additionally, the shed’s heavy-duty flooring and durability mean it can withstand heavy items like pool heaters or filtering systems, keeping expensive equipment safe from theft and inclement weather.

Garden Tool Storage: Gardening entails an array of tools and equipment such as mowers, shovels, rakes, hoes, trimmers, watering cans, and fertilizers. Over time, these can accumulate and become a source of clutter in the garden. Using the Suncast storage shed organizes these tools effectively, making them easy to locate when needed. The all-weather resin finish ensures long-lasting durability, highly needed for metallic tools that run the risk of rusting when exposed to moisture.

Outdoor Sports Equipment Storage: Active households with bikes, basketballs, soccer gear, rollerblades, and other sports equipment could use this shed as a storage space. Stringent security features like the three-door locking system protect against theft. Besides, the built-in reinforced floor ensures the shed can bear the weight of heavy sporting gear like bicycles.

Trash Can Storage: Trash cans are necessary but can be an unpleasant sight, especially when exposed in the backyard or driveway. The Suncast shed is an attractive way to hide these cans from visibility. It can comfortably accommodate garbage cans while offering uninhibited access due to its hinged-lid technology. This can help a home maintain a neat and tidy appearance, in addition to mitigating bad odors emanating from trash cans.

Seasonal Storage: Living in areas with harsh winters or severe weather conditions requires certain household outdoor items to be stored away safely. This shed is perfect for securely storing seasonal items like grills, patio furniture, or holiday decorations when not in use. Its multi-walled polypropylene resin panels are engineered for durability, ensuring these delicate items are protected, plus the lockable doors offer additional security against potential theft. This kind of organization helps prolong the lifespan of these items, saving homeowners considerable replacement costs in the long run.