Suncast 54 Cubic Ft. Vertical Resin Outdoor Storage Shed

Storage space can be a problem, let this Suncast Vertical Utility Storage Shed be your solution. This Large Vertical Shed is designed to supply generous storage space for outdoor gear, tools, equipment, firewood, sporting goods, and more. It’s fashioned with multi-wall resin and is outfitted with adjoining door handles to attach a padlock (sold separately). Abililty to add shelving (not included). This hut measures 52in by 32.5 inches by 71.5″. Let this Vertical Storage Shed do some of the heavy lifting for you. 54 cubic feet of space, great for storing long handled equipment. Made in the USA.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I have nothing but great things to say about this unit.I was just about to purchase one of these from Home Depot for $599 and pay extra for delivery.I found this on Amazon for $365 and FREE shipping!it was a scheduled delivery due to the size and weight and they were very adept at keeping me informedregarding the delivery date and time.On delivery day they called me half an hour before they arrived, they arrived on time and even carried itall the way out to my back patio.Assembly was so easy my son and I had it assembled in 15 minutes, very, very easy to build.Shed looks great on my patio and has allowed me to place all my gardening supplies in one singleplace, as opposed to scattered all over.If you’re considering purchasing one of these I can say you will be very pleased!” – Mike R. (Source: Amazon)

“Arrived quickly and in great shape. It took my wife and I about 30 minutes to assemble it. It can be done by one person, but a second pair of hands helps greatly. I also really like the fact that it has a floor deck instead of just being on the ground like some of the others.” – Gray Vinson (Source: Amazon)

“I had a little patio and a little yard, this is perfect size for me. Making room for some outdoor chairs on the patio. Store a lawn mower, some garden tools.Contractor took 1h to finish it. Foundation part in case anyone interested, HD associate told me 3 bags of gravels is good, add 2 woods left from previous book shelf project. Also I live in Texas don’t rain much.” – Sherry (Source: Amazon)

“Fits and sturdy. Nice piece, pain to assemble, helps to have two people put it together.” – Cooky (Source: Amazon)

“I put this shed together one my own in no time. A cordless drill was handy and I magnetized my drill bit by rubbing it on a magnet to help hold the screws. There is an assembly video on the Suncast website that is as clear as day. I built a wooden base and attached the shed to that. Turned out great. I’m 5’6 and can stand inside with inches to spare.” – Mom on the move (Source: Amazon)

Other Landscaping Ideas

Outdoor Equipment Storage: The generous dimensions of the Suncast Vertical Utility Storage Shed allow you to store large pieces of gardening tools such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, rakes, and shovels. The vertical design optimises space and organises these items, making it easy to access them when you need them. Plus, the padlock option ensures that they are stored securely away from children. The shed’s multi-wall resin design is durable and protects these tools from harsh weather conditions, extending their lifespan.

Firewood Storage: Storing firewood in an old-fashioned pile can lead to rot and infestations. The Suncast Vertical Storage Shed allows you to stack firewood neatly, making it easy to access any piece you need quickly. The raised floor keeps the wood from touching the damp ground, keeping it dry and ready for usage. Its sturdy build ensures the heavy weight of firewood doesn’t affect the structure, while the door handles can be outfitted with padlocks to ward off potential thieves.

Sporting Equipment Storage: Outdoor sports items like balls, racquets, skateboards, and bicycles can quickly clutter a garage or carport. This shed is large enough to store a variety of sports equipment, allowing you to keep things tidy and your items in top condition. The height is perfect for slotting in long items like skis or fishing rods, while the optional shelving units can create separate compartments for smaller items.

Patio Furniture Storage: Outdoor furniture often doesn’t fare well in harsh weather conditions, especially during winter. Moving it into the storage shed during turbulent weather or off-season can drastically increase the furniture’s lifespan by protecting it from elements. Whether it’s a set of stackable chairs, foldable side tables or your grill, the 54 cubic feet of space should accommodate it all.

DIY Gardening Supplies Storage: Hobby gardeners often have a variety of supplies like pots, seeds, bags of soil, fertilizers, and gardening gloves. The Suncast Vertical Utility Storage Shed could be a one-stop solution for the safe storage of these items. Probably even creating a gardener’s haven – with the seeds stored above the soil bags, the potting table folded up on the side and ample space for pots to stand in a row. The structure’s durability will ensure your supplies are safe, and the ability to add extra shelving will create more surfaces to store items on, ensuring everything is within reach. This can make your day-to-day gardening a lot more convenient and enjoyable.

Pool Accessories Storage: If you have a swimming pool, the Suncast Vertical Utility Storage Shed can provide the perfect shelter for all your pool accessories. Store your pool cleaning equipment, pool toys, safety gear or additional towels in it to avoid clutter around your pool area. Its weatherproof nature means all your stored items will be protected from harmful elements and always ready to use.