Sauder Miscellaneous Storage 5 Split Bookcase, Oiled Oak finish

Store your stuff in style with this 5-shelf bookcase from the Sauder Select collection. With three adjustable shelves, this tall bookcase can be customized to fit your specific storing and display needs. There is room for all of your things. Display your tall books or vases, home décor bought at your favorite thrift store, you favorite seasonal candle, knick-knacks and much more. Your new 5-shelf bookshelf will be put together in no time with the patented slide-on moldings that allow for a quick and easy assembly. Finished in Oiled Oak, this wood bookcase will give any room a fresh new look. We hope you like what you see. Sauder designers travel the world and bring back the best and latest in style, finish, and color trends. This inspiring world travel is evident in the cutting edge and innovative furniture solutions we offer to you!

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I really am happy with this purchase. To put this together, you really need to follow the directions very carefully. Once you get started…it’s a piece of cake. Followed the YouTube directions given in the manual as well. I look forward to ordering another one.” – TM (Source: Amazon)

“This book case is very nice looking, I think it looks sleek in my space.Now, I can’t speak on ease of assembly as my husband had someone else assemble it for me while I was out of town and he was working.It looks decent enough- there are some slight miss alignments with the trim pieces which others have noted, but it’s not too bad/noticeable, especially now that I’ve got books on it. There are also three area where the nail came through the wood so just be careful of that when assembling for yourself. I’m a little disappointed that there are these imperfections but what can I say, my hubby was trying to be nice and do something sweet for me. Not his fault the guy who assembled it f****ed it up. He also broke our lawn mower so at least he didn’t mess up the book case that bad!” – Jenn (Source: Amazon)

I love this item it is beautiful it is sturdy. It was easy to put together, and I did it myself a woman.!” – Marilyn DeGroot (Source: Amazon)

I am impressed with this bookshelf – for the price, it is a solid piece.This took about 2 hours to assemble, but was fairly easy – just tedious (lots of little nails used to nail the back to the shelves). All you need is a hammer and a screwdriver for the actual shelf assembly.This also comes with a safety mount which is great since I have children/dogs. For this bit of the process, you need a stud finder and an electric drill. Technically, you could use a screw driver, but it would take a lot longer. I really like that the safety mount is included – it saved me from making an additional purchase, and you can’t put a price on peace of mind.The bookshelf is rich in color and the moulding at the top is very nice. This is a great value!” – D. Dunstock (Source: Amazon)

“Sauder has come a long way. These bookcases look like real wood and are absolutely gorgeous. We ordered 3 for a feature wall in our dining room/library. Love the oiled oak color. Assembly took two of us 2 hours for the first one and an hour and a half for the next 2. Sauder instructions are good and even include some humor. Assembly is fairly straightforward and easy but takes patience as you go through each step. The bookcases are well packed and all bolts/screws/cams, etc. are in individual packets and well labeled so you don’t have to sort them. Very satisfied and Highly recommend” – Paul E. Krause (Source: Amazon)

“I needed a lot more space than I thought to put this thing together but other than that the assembly was pretty straight forward. I was able to do it by myself with a screw driver and hammer. The bookshelf looks amazing and like it cost more than it does. You can see the holes for the adjustable shelves but other than that looks perfect!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Beautiful shelf! Very well made and easy to put together with easy to follow directions. I was surprised by how nice it is, Sauder has come a long way! Its very sturdy, not flimsy at all. The color/finish is beautiful and I don’t typically like anything oak and I love it so much I plan to buy another piece in this same color! Also purchased the smaller 3-shelf bookcase in the same style and color.” – Molly V. (Source: Amazon)

“I just finished assembling three Sauder 2-shelf bookcases and two 5-shelf units. Another 2-shelf case is on the way, so you know I’m a fan. But there are some critically important things you’ll need to do to have a finished product that you’re happy with. I’ve posted this same review in the 2-shelf and 5-shelf products, so sorry if you’re seeing this for the second time…” – Alpine Doug (Source: Amazon)

“Put one shelf together by myself in <1 hour. I’ve put together a lot of flat pack furniture, and this was about as simple as it gets. One detail I really appreciated was the tool to help get the nails through the backing; Ikea could NEVER.I have three more of these shelves on the way and I look forward to seeing how they all look together. Not sure of the structural integrity yet — only time will tell. No pieces arrived damaged, scuffed, or marked, and all the pieces were accounted for. The only noticible “flaws” I see are the gaps in the wood on the front shelves, but you can’t really see it from a distance (see pics.) For the price point, I can’t be mad AT ALL.Pictured is the cinnamon cherry finish. A truly gorgeous color.Update: The other three cases didn’t ship with the original order, so I cancelled and reordered. The second order arrived on time. Out of a sample size of four, my original review still stands. Great shelves for the price.” – Amber (Source: Amazon)

Sauder Miscellaneous Bookshelf’s Other Use Cases

Home Office Organizer: Transform one corner of the home office into a functional storage area with the Sauder Select 5-shelf bookcase. Adjust the shelves to accommodate office supplies, books, and binders. Bossy tech gadgets can be stylishly hidden, while frequently referenced materials are displayed at eye level for easy access. Add small decorative boxes to hold cords and chargers, enhancing the organization while maintaining a polished aesthetic.

Living Room Display Case: Use the bookcase in a living room to showcase personal style. Stagger the adjustable shelves to create a visually appealing display for a variety of objects like family photos, vases, travel souvenirs, and artwork. The Oiled Oak finish provides a warm backdrop for both modern and traditional decors, and the shelving can be reconfigured as the collection grows or changes with the seasons.

Bedroom Chic Shelving: In a bedroom setting, the Sauder Select bookcase can serve both practical and decorative purposes. Adjust the shelves to accommodate large fashion books and accessories, organize storage baskets with personal items, or feature a stylish arrangement of scented candles and indoor plants. Use the top of the bookcase to hold a chic jewelry stand, a small mirror, or a minimalist clock.

Kitchen Storage Solution: Although unconventional, placing the Sauder Select bookcase in the kitchen can add much-needed storage space for cookbooks, decorative serving ware, and even attractive canisters filled with baking ingredients. It can provide an aesthetically pleasing way to keep recipe books at hand while also showing off special dinnerware or antique kitchen gadgets.

Art and Craft Hub: Tailor the Sauder bookcase for arts and crafts storage. The adjustable shelves can be optimized to sort various supplies like paint, brushes, paper, and canvases. Clear stackable containers can display colorful materials while keeping them organized, and inspirational craft books and magazines can be kept within sight for motivation. The oak finish brings a touch of warmth to the creative space, blending functional storage with inspiration.