Rubbermaid 7×7 Foot Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed

  • SUBSTANTIAL STORAGE CAPACITY: Stores large lawn care essentials including riding and push mowers, patio and garden equipment, large trash cans and more
  • CONVENIENT ACCESS: Doors open wide allowing contents to enter and exit without interference
  • UNMATCHED DURABILITY: Tough, double-wall resin construction and an impact-resistant floor are designed for long-term durability.
  • ALL-WEATHER DURABILITY: Shed won’t rust or rot providing weather-resistance all year long, unlike metal or wood sheds.
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE: Made of durable resin that won’t rust or rot providing weather-resistance all year long

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I read a ton of reviews before I made my purchase. I received it this morning. It is not a bad little shed it’s obviously not wood or steel but not bad for what it is. Went together very easy following the directions. I did the whole shed my self in 3 hours and 40 minutes. It would be easier with two or more people but it can be done by one person. Overall I like it. Now I can get my riding mower and other lawn tools out of my garage.” – JD (Source: Amazon)

“I was able to assemble this shed in just two hours with a friend. It has since stood up to everything New England can throw at it without missing a beat. Highly recommend these sheds for anyone who need more storage space.” – Night (Source: Amazon)

“Great product easy to put together and lots of room on the inside. Very sturdy as we have already had a couple of windy storms. No damage and everything was dry inside.Looks great in my backyard. Just what I needed for my landscaping tools. Now I can get my car in the garage. Would recommend placing on leveled platform.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Great product. Took myself and a buddy about 3 hours total to build the base and assemble the shed. Exactly what I needed to get all lawn equipment, gas, and chemicals out of the garage.” – Kevin (Source: Amazon)

“Such a great shed im 64 and I put up the floor and sides myself. Make sure its not windy that made it a little difficult. My son and I did the roof super easy but definitely a 2 person job. Also be sure to have a sturdy pad down first. I used 10 bags of gravel, 10 bags of paver sand and 55 12×12 pavers. I just love it!!” – Donna Roberts (Source: Amazon)

“So easy to put together. Didn’t take me more than 3 hours to put together. I highly reccomend!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

Other Landscaping Ideas

  • Garden Tool Showcase: Surround your Rubbermaid shed with vibrant flowers and plants to make it serve as a focal point in your garden. Place the taller plants at the back of the shed and smaller ones closer to the shed wouldn’t obstruct its purpose. This would make your shed not just functional but aesthetic as well.
  • Zen Style Landscape: If you have an Asian-themed landscape garden, use your Rubbermaid sandstone shed as the centerpiece. You can plant bamboo around it, add a few bonsai and orchid plants, and even create a small rock garden nearby. The pale color of the shed would match perfectly with the Zen aesthetic.
  • Garden Pathway: A beautiful idea would be creating a meandering path made of stones or pebbles leading up to the shed. You can fill each side of the path with leafy plants, colorful blooms or even garden accents like sculptures or solar lamps. This would turn your functional Rubbermaid shed into an engaging garden feature.


  • Vine-Covered Shed: If you want a more natural and rustic landscape, let some climbing plants or vines grow around and on the Rubbermaid shed. Choose plants like ivy, roses, or honeysuckle, as they can add a touch of natural beauty to your shed without damaging it. This would give your shed a picturesque, dreamy look and would perfect for a nature-oriented landscaping.
  • Vegetable and Herb Garden: If practicality is your primary concern, consider planting a herb or vegetable garden around your Rubbermaid shed. You can organize your tools inside the shed and plant your favorite herbs and vegetables outside for easy access. The sandstone color of the shed would seamlessly blend into this practical yet beautiful landscape.
  • Cozy Patio Setup: Consider creating a small patio area with outdoor furniture right next to your shed. Add a few shrubs or potted plants around it to provide a natural touch. This would create a comfortable area for relaxation or socializing, while keeping your garden tools and furniture cushions easily accessible.


  • Rustic Landscape: Surround your Rubbermaid shed with evergreens and give a rustic appeal to your yard. Consider adding a small rockery or dry stream bed nearby, enhancing the natural woodland-like atmosphere. Your sandstone shed will blend perfectly with this landscape, giving a wilderness-like feel to your yard.
  • Water Feature Landscape: Incorporate a tranquil water feature such as a small pond or a fountain near your Rubbermaid shed. Add aquatic plants or even koi fish to it. The soothing sounds and movement of the water can make the setting more calming and appealing. With your shed nearby, you can conveniently store all the necessary equipment for maintaining your water feature.