Rivet Frederick Mid Century Modern Velvet Sofa Couch, Navy Blue

Bring your living space into the 21st century with this eye-catching sofa. Its slender shape and channel-tufted upholstery are unmistakably mid-century in style, while the velvet fabric, sturdy wood frame and aluminum legs in a brass finish give a contemporary elegance. With a seat height of 17.7”, seat depth of 23.2” and seat back height of 22.2”, this sofa is perfect for anyone looking to add a style statement to their glam, modern or mid-century rooms. Assembly is a simple task, taking less than 30 minutes to simply screw in the legs. Place this sofa in your living or dining room to create a luxurious atmosphere or use it in your office to give a professional yet inviting feel. It can also be used in a game room to provide comfortable seating for when friends and family come over. Whether used for a sitting area or for lounging, this sofa is sure to be a great addition to your living space.

Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I ordered this for an office with a bit of skepticism, as there weren’t reviews and it’s a rather unknown product. It arrived expeditiously, well packaged and well delivered with no damage to the container or contents. It’s heavy, but not too heavy for 2 guys to haul around. Has a nice real wood frame (not particle board) and a very nice feeling fabric/velvet.The parts for assembly are in a package hidden in a compartment on the bottom (inside a zipper). The zipper for the compartment was pretty poor, but serviceable. The actual “Assembly” consisted of bolting on the 5 main legs with a single bolt each and 2 screws each (which screw into the interior wood framing) – a screw gun is handy for that. A central support leg under the middle of this sofa also gets screwed in. The included accent pillow/cushions (the rectangular blue ones in the pics) are of decent quality.The legs themselves are a very nice heavy solid cast type metal in a matte gold/brass type finish. The velvet is extremely soft, seems to be durable so far and miraculously doesn’t hold pet hair at all. We have a small white dog at work that sheds all over and the hard just wipes off of this sofa. The arms and back are also cushioned nicely, and the back provides a reasonable amount of support. I’ve already had several people sit on the arms with no ill effect.The color is fairly accurate to the pics (perhaps slightly darker). The cushion support would be classified as medium firm, but not overly hard. It’s comfortable to lay down on, but if you’re over 6′ tall you can’t completely stretch out.Overall a very nice sofa for the money – guests are impressed by it and it fairly easily competes with other much more expensive pieces we have. Our experience is positive and I can positively recommend this sofa.” – Flyboyyy (Source: Amazon)

“Absolutely gorgeous and comfortable! I did a lot of research and finally bought these. I get a lot of compliments on the color of the couches. So soft and comfy!” – David (Source: Amazon)