Rivet Bigelow Modern Oversized Leather Accent Chair, Cognac

Bringing in the mid-century style to modern homes, this oversized leather accent chair is perfect for classing up any living room. With generous foam cushions providing comfort and a solid wood frame and legs for support and durability, this chair is sure to be a great addition. Its measurements are 44.1” wide, 37.4” deep and 30.7” high with a seat height of 18.1”, seat depth of 22.8”, seat back height of 18.1”, arm height of 24” and leg height of 5.9”. The solid wood frame, plinth base and angled tapered legs with foam padding and leather upholstery make it a great piece of furniture. It is also easy to assemble in 15 minutes or less, and is easy to clean with a soft, dry cloth. With a warranty of 1 year and free returns for 30 days, this chair is a great choice for anyone looking to add a modern touch to their home.

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“Nice chairs! Very roomy. I definitely do not regret my purchase (so far, I’ll explain). I purchased 2 of these chairs along with a sofa from this seller and I gotta say, I’m relieved that the quality of these items were on point. It was a bit hard for me to spend this much money on furniture that I didn’t get to sit in and get a feel for like at a furniture store but I rolled the dice and I am please to report that they were delivered on time and as depicted. Here’s the reason for the 4 stars: the 2nd chair I got was a considerable difference in color and leather grain. See my video. Also,the chair was damaged along with the packaging. It looks like this chair was on the bottom of the stack and the top of the chair looks “smushed” from the top. When I contacted Amazon, they told me that the chair is no longer in stock and they can send a replacement as soon as they come back in stock but no ETA on when that is. Its been about 2 weeks give or take and no word as of yet. They told me I can keep this one until a replacement becomes available so ill just have to deal with my “smushed” chair until they can swap it out. Hope this is sooner than later. Will update my review by Christmas or when it gets resolved, whichever comes first.UPDATE: Been about a year or 2 now (can’t remember lol) chairs have held up great. 5 stars!” – $10 TEE’s (Source: Amazon)

This chair is EVERYTHING! I had been looking forever for a brown leather chair, all the big box and online stores, couldn’t find the right one that wouldn’t break the bank on cost. This one has great clean lines, low profile, super wide which makes it great to fully curl up in. You CANNOT go wrong with this chair!!” – Holly Barrett (Source: Amazon)

“Love this chair! Comfortable and so easy to assemble” – Morgan (Source: Amazon)