Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Modern Sofa Couch, Hunter Green

Finding the perfect sofa is no easy feat, but with the right blend of comfort and contemporary edge, you can get the look you desire. This mid-century inspired sofa is designed to impress with a tufted bench seat cushion, plush back cushions, tapered wood legs and tidy bolster pillows. Constructed with a solid hardwood frame, foam padding and soft polyester velvet upholstery in hunter green, this piece is both stylish and easy to maintain. It measures 86.6” W x 36.2” D x 30.3” H and assembles in 15 minutes or less. For added peace of mind, it’s backed by a 1-year warranty and free returns for 30 days. This sofa is perfect for a range of spaces, from living rooms and family rooms to offices and dens. It can even be placed in a bedroom as extra seating. No matter where it ends up, its mid-century style is sure to make a statement.

Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I was a little hesitant to purchase a couch from Amazon without seeing it in person or sitting on it first, but I was pleasantly surprised when it came. I was on a bit of a budget looking for a couch around the $500 or lower price range when I came across this one. Originally it was priced at above $800, but was recently reduced to a little over $500. Now, I wouldn’t purchase it again at full price, but at the the reduced price and free shipping it was definitely worth the money. Is it the most comfortable? No, but it feels sturdy and it really looks more expensive than it is. You won’t sink into it, but you’ll definitely be comfortable hanging out and watching a little tv. Also, if you plan on purchasing the green color be aware the photos are deceptive. For some reason it photographs a little duller green in pictures when in reality it’s more vibrate. I have a little bonsai tree on my coffee table in front of it and the color of the couch more closely matches the color of the leaves than it appears in the photos (more of a hunter green) so keep that in mind. Also, for reference my coffee table measures about 52” in length and even though the couch is advertised as 86.6” in length it said 87” on the instructions and when measured at home it looks to be closer to 89”. Overall, I am pleased with the purchase.” – Gen (Source: Amazon)

“The look is amazing. It fits right into my living room style. It seems pretty comfortable. Not as hard as other couches are which is good. Beautiful velvety texture. Don’t even have to throw pillows on it, it already looks good on it’s own!” – Elona (Source: Amazon)

“I’m so happy with this purchase. The green is very vibrant, and adds a little flair to my already colorful space. I was especially pleased with how the couch came packaged. I wasn’t expecting it to come in an actual box, but it was packaged in a genius way that didn’t squish or compromise the cushions. Assembly was easy. I put it together myself in about 20 minutes (10 of those minutes were spent looking for the legs hiding underneath LOL). This is a microfiber texture and attracts DOG HAIR like crazy, but it removes easily when I vacuum (my dog’s hair tends to burrow down into fabrics, but that wasn’t the case with this couch). I’d say it’s firm but comfortable enough to fall asleep on (guilty), and it feels like it’s built to last. It really is a gorgeous piece of furniture. I’m impressed with Rivet so far!” – Candace S. (Source: Amazon)