Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Modern Leather Sofa

Adding a blend of modern and classic style to your home has never been easier. This stylish loveseat is designed with comfort and a contemporary edge in mind thanks to its tufted bench seat cushion, plush back cushions, tapered wood legs, and bolster pillows. With its solid hardwood frame, foam padding and soft polyester velvet upholstery, it is sure to be a great addition to any room. Assembly is simple, taking only 15 minutes or less, and there is no need to worry about returns as they are free for 30 days. Furthermore, buyers can take advantage of the Affirm monthly payment plans with no impact on personal credit score or late fees, as well as the Allstate Outdoor Furniture Protection Plan with 3-year and 5-year options. With all these features, this loveseat is a must-have for those looking to add modern flair to their home.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“Once we could get a confirmed delivery (and it took a loooong time), we were really excited when this couch arrived! It’s nicer than pictured online BUT we couldn’t find the support leg and was about to call Amazon to request a replacement leg when I read other reviewers with the same issue directing readers to LOOK inside the zipper pouch on the underside of the loveseat… and voila! (duh) Anyway, this is a really nice loveseat, not exactly “comfy” but well made, nice color and materials for a trendy “beachy” modern vibe we were going for!” – StacyK (Source: Amazon)

“It’s a small couch that looks big and seats like it has room. Three people CAN sit together without sitting on top of one another, though it’s most comfortable for two. It’s well made and sturdy, came assembled except for the legs which were easy. The design is both classic and modern, a bit masculine with feminine charm. It’s not a sink-into-deeply couch but it is surprisingly comfortable to sit in: angled well and just the right amount of deep in the seat that you don’t need a pillow to fill in the space. Love the color and the leather is excellent quality; padding is very firm. We bought an unboxed couch and it was a great deal. No damage, no issues.” – Beth L. (Source: Amazon)

“This sofa is gorgeous and comfortable. The color is exactly what I was looking for. My only complaint about this product was the shipping situation. I received this sofa 3 weeks after I purchased it, after 3 calls to Amazon and 3 calls to the courier and a ton of misleading information about the delivery dates. The most astounding thing was that Amazon could not tell me where the sofa was for almost 2 weeks because it had been shipped but had not arrived to the courier. Not being able to locate and provide an eta for my very expensive sofa seems extremely odd given I can usually track a roll of toilet paper from the warehouse to my door and every step in between. I also had to BEG for it to be delivered to my apartment door instead of left downstairs despite the language on the website saying they would do so. Overall – great product, but they need to iron out the logistics.” – Elissa Houff (Source: Amazon)

“I have had the couch for over a month now. It feels exactly how you would imagine it to, it is sturdy and firm not your sink-into-it couch. Taller people have not been the biggest fan of the couch because of its low profile (low back and low to the ground) and they have a hard time getting comfy. I don’t mind it, just add pillows for squishy comfort. I have conditioned the leather twice now, once right after purchase and then today, it seemed it was getting a little dry and starting to crack but after the leather conditioner, it looks great again. Just needs regular loving. I adore the style. I adore the color of the leather. I am very in love with it. I purchased the “bench” so the smaller version for my small apartment and it fits the space perfectly. For the price, you can’t beat it. I also have kiddos that have jumped and climbed all over it, leaving scratches galore and they go away a bit with the conditioning and so far the couch has really held up nicely to their craziness. I watched it and wanted to purchase it for over a year and finally pulled the trigger and I’m so glad I did!” – Elizabeth (Source: Amazon)

“Extremely comfortable and sturdy. The pictures are a great representation of how it actually looks” – Jared King (Source: Amazon)