Plants for Pets Live Snake Plant, Sansevieria Trifasciata Superba, Fully Rooted in Potting Soil

  • BOWSTRING EVERGREEN: Sansevieria Superba is a drought-tolerant perennial with sharp, dark green leaves year-round. Commonly known as Snake Plant or Devils Tongue Plant, this hardy succulent is composed of strong fibers that have been used to craft bowstrings for generations. As a houseplant, Superba is very easy to care for and delivers a strong statement through its undeniable aesthetic
  • DENSE SUCCULENT WITH BUTTERY EDGES: Leaves of the Snake Plant grow thick and wide, tapering into sword-like points. Foliage edges are striped in a luscious creamy yellow, which accents green-silver ripples. Mother in Laws Tongue House Plant looks great with basket weave or ceramic pots, by itself or with other potted plants
  • CREEPING RHIZOME, ROSETTE: Similar to lotus or bamboo, Superba succulents spread by way of creeping rhizome, a horizontal stem that produces roots. Tightly clustered rosette leaves grow upwards from the soil and are leathery in texture. Superba’s compelling structure adds dimension to the indoors, grabbing attention wherever the plant is grown
  • TWISTING VISION: Devil’s Tongue Plant grows foliage that subtly twists and turns with development. This wave effect occurs naturally and creates a sense of motion in Superba’s overall home decor presentation. Each succulent plant is shipped fully rooted in a starter snake plant pot. This indoor house plant is guaranteed a healthy delivery
  • ROBUST SNAKE PLANT: Real Snake Plant is hard to kill. While Sansevieria indoor house plants do have their preferences, even a beginning grower would be hard-pressed to fail. Superba is easy to grow and will tolerate drought and low light (not unalike other low light house plants). Live plants should be unpacked gently upon arrival. Each plant ships fully rooted in a 4 inch grow pot and is estimated to range from 4-6 inches tall (measured from the rim of the pot)

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“So Far So Good. I’ve had this little guy for about a week. The plant arrived packaged well and perfect condition. I love the little pot I found too!” – Kelli Mills (Source: Amazon)

“Snake plant. Arrived intact & just as you see it. I replanted it to this pot. I would recommend this company.” – lucinda craig (Source: Amazon)

“Wonderful plant! I received my snake plant today (earlier than expected). It was laying on the side when I saw it, but how they wrapped it so perfectly, it was in great condition! The white pot is okay, but not worth getting unless you plan to keep it for awhile without repotting the plant. I noticed the roots were starting to peek out from the bottom, so I repotted it today. Hopefully with some TLC, I’ll enjoy this plant for some time. I definitely recommend this company, and I would buy from them again! :)” – Lady N (Source: Amazon)

“Great snake plant. The snake plant came as described. The plant was healthy and Packaged well for shipment. I transplanted it to a disco ball planter and gifted it to my daughter for her apartment. She loves it. 🌿” – Courtney (Source: Amazon)

“Healthiest plant purchased online. I’ve made 7 plant purchases online in recent months (because Covid-19.)Unlike plants from other vendors, this lovely Sansiveria trifasciata “Superba’ arrived very healthy, without damage and hadn’t been over-watered. It was even a bit taller than the expected 4-6″ and had 2 pups! After a 2 week acclimation, I transferred one pup to its own pot when the mother plant with other pup were also re-potted (photos are at re-potting). Now 3 months later all are flourishing in a succulent gritty mix.The plants purchased from others arrived in varying states of distress and/or with significant damage. One quickly died. Several had been over-watered.5 stars for a healthy plant at a reasonable price. I’ll be buying more from Plants for Pets.” – AmazonDaily (Source: Amazon)

“Beautiful Plant. Arrived safely and quickly, also came packaged with a “birth certificate”.Plant looks beautiful and healthy and upon opening, I gave a it a tablespoon of water and I also wiped clean the leaves with a damp cloth. Display it near a window indoors and it let it absorb the natural sunlight. I look forward to taking care of this. Highly recommended and very pleased with this.” – agronyc (Source: Amazon)

“Beautiful. I received this plant a few days ago, bigger than expected. Well packed for shipping with no soil spillage. One leaf tip broken, but I’m not concerned about that, as there is new growth coming up. Very happy with this purchase.Needed to repot after @ 6 months, and plant continues to flourish.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Packaged well. Snake plant was packaged very well. Arrived in perfect condition. Ordered in the summer. 4 days in transit from Florida to Maryland via UPS. Soil was in tact. No leaves broken. See pictures of how it was packaged. There was plastic covering the pot to keep the soil from coming out, and then paper around it. The box was long and just the right shape and size to hold the plant. Good experience with this company. Other pics of the plant just taken out of the packaging, and of the plant re-potted. Looks great!” – riasupermomma (Source: Amazon)

“Very pleased to say the least. My snake plant arrived one day before the promised delivery date. It’s very well wrapped and packed. It’s so obvious to see the love and care the vendor put into their products. The plant is very healthy and pretty, a great value for the price. What’s more, I received a much larger plant than I ordered!!” – Holiday Shopping (Source: Amazon)

“Great Plant, Great Packing! Wow! This Plant is fantastic, and the packaging was phenomenal. Was very impressed, the seller takes the time to ship this properly. Dirt was still wet and plant is very healthy. Just the size that I wanted. The plant stands about 8″ tall. Will definitely buy from again. Good Job!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“This company is great! My daughter ordered me this plant. It came beautifully wrapped and safe. It has continued to grow and now even has two new shoots at bottom.” – april (Source: Amazon)

“Best mail order plant I’ve received. Beautiful! Carefully and expertly packed and arrived in perfect condition. I’ll definitely order again!” – JamiW (Source: Amazon)