Plants for Pets Easy to Grow Houseplant Pack in Plant Containers with Potting Soil

  • LIVE HOUSEPLANTS: A growers choice plant collection featuring these easy plants: a live Fittonia plant, a live Pothos plant, a Dieffenbachia plant, an Aralia plant, and other green plants
  • NATURAL HOME DECOR: Use your plants for living room decor or even home office decor. A foliage plant like a Pothos live plant or Fittonia live plant are the easiest, low-maintenance live plant decor
  • GIFTS FOR PLANT LOVERS: Surprise someone special with these plant gifts along with other live plants like a snake plant, Hawaiian pothos live plant, tradescantia, and plant accessories like plant terrariums, houseplant soil and plant pots
  • MORE INDOOR HOUSE PLANTS: Your mix may include a chlorophytum comosum spider plant, heart leaf philodendron live plant, scindapsus live plant, ficus repens, peperomia live plant, and more
  • HOUSEPLANT DELIVERY: Your grower’s choice plant pack includes 12 healthy plants, delivered right to your doorstep. Each plant ships in a 2” container; The plants in each pack will vary
  • HEATWAVE ADVISORY: Please consider your local daytime and evening temperatures before placing an order. Your plants may arrive damaged or wilted if shipped in temperatures exceeding 95° and left unattended in extreme heat. We strongly recommend unboxing your delivery immediately upon arrival.

Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“There really wasn’t any negative to this company. All 12 plants were happy and packed fantastically. I only received 2 of the same kind of plant which was fine. I had another order from a different company that arrived at the same time with 6 plants …. Unhealthy plants and the order was packed terribly. Would 100% purchase from this company again….just running out of room.” – Christine Klein (Source: Amazon)

“Healthy and beautiful. Plants were bigger than I expected. And that’s a good thing! They are all healthy and gorgeous! Bought for baby shower favors. Exceeded expectations. The white pots bought to transfer are 4” pots. Just to give an idea of size. Pots they come in are temporary. Would order again! Love them! Shipped on time also. Agree with other reviews that they make nice gifts.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“In love for my new babies. I am too much excited. All plants arrived very well packaged and really fast! The succulent when I opened lost almost all leaves but I think will be ok. Was 3 plants duplicates, witch is ok for the price and in the advertising is saying you can receive duplicates. I already planted everyone and I think just the polka dot maybe will not make it, because looks like a very sensible plant, let’s see in the next weeks. I totally recommend the seller!” – Great plants (Source: Amazon)

“100% recommend!!! I buy from here at least once a month. In buying so frequently I’m able to combine plants and in all of the 50+ plants I’ve received only one came damaged. ♡” – Liv Bailey (Source: Amazon)

“Excellent quality 24 pack. Plants came packaged well. Roots seem strong. All transferred and looking good day 1.” – Kathleen Lang (Source: Amazon)