O&K Furniture 5 Tier Industrial Vintage Bookshelf

Finding the perfect storage shelf can be a challenge. O&K Furniture 5 Tier Industrial Vintage Bookshelf offers a unique solution that combines style with convenience. The bookshelf is made of high level MDF board with wood grain PVC board and metal frame for a sturdy construction that can accommodate up to 100 lbs. per shelf. With a broad storage space of 60.0 x 11.7 inches, it is easy to display picture frames, green plants, collectibles and of course, books. The shelf is easy to install and move around, making it a perfect fit for any room or office. Additionally, furniture loan and insurance options are available to make the purchase even more convenient and secure.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“Great purchase! Very easy to unpack and assemble. Heavy and steady shelves. I love the openness and the look it brings to my living area.” – Ash & Rezzy (Source: Amazon)

“Was exactly what I was looking for. Open and airy, not to hard to assemble (better with two people), and no defects at all. Shelves may not be real wood but they look it, and match my floor very well. I’m happy!” – Donna C Kidd (Source: Amazon)

“Great sturdy piece. Looks great! It’s a little hard to get all the shelves connected. I think I overtightened the first one, maybe leaving them all loose until they are lined up would be better. But I didn’t have time for that. But I was able to do it by myself, another pair of hands would have helped with the x part. Added photo because we have a pretty large wall we needed to fill up so you can see the size. The second shelf we received had all the pieces and was easy to put together. The first one was missing the screw bag and had a broken crossbar of one of the x’s. Had to return the whole thing, which was kinda a pain getting it all back in the box. But glad we are through that and have a great piece in the living room.” – Sara (Source: Amazon)

“Reasonably easy to assemble — just don’t tighten all the screws as you go, instead get them in place and tighten at the very end. Much easier and avoids the problem of misaligned holes toward the end. Heavy duty and holds a ton of weight if you opt to load it with books. Looks great as a backdrop for podcast video recordings and interviews. Also happy that this is a tall, wide shelf. Previously ordered another that was far too small and looked silly on my big blank wall. Replaced with this one and couldn’t be happier.” – Gilbert Symington (Source: Amazon)

“Very easy to put together alone. Just needed a taller person who help me get it off the ground/stand it up. Perfect size for my empty wall in my kitchen” – Lara (Source: Amazon)