Nathan James Kova Accent Storage Cabinet Sideboard, Light Oak/Black

This chic accent storage cabinet is perfect for anyone looking to add a modern touch to their home. Crafted from light oak wood with two swinging cane doors, this cabinet is designed to help keep your home clutter-free. Inside, the cabinet features adjustable shelves to make it easy to organize items. Use this cabinet in any room of your home. In the entryway, it can be used to greet guests and hold their coats and keys. In the living room, use it as a spot to display your record player. In the dining room, you can use it to store dinnerware and other dining essentials. Best of all, this cabinet is easy to assemble in just 60 minutes.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“My husband assembled this is 45 minutes and said it was super easy. We love it for our record player and vinyl collection! It’s got great storage and looks very chic in our living room.” – Nicki Odom | Salty Pink Pinapple (Source: Amazon)

“It was easy to put together, took about half an hour. Think putting an IKEA cabinet together but with better instructions and better quality. It’s a beautiful addition to my home!” – TracyGeorge (Source: Amazon)

“I honestly have zero complaints about this !First off on 9months pregnant and was able to assemble by myself within 35 min .Instructions were informative and easy to read .Everything fit perfectly together with ease .I highly recommend and come on .. this piece is beautiful” – Randyl robbins (Source: Amazon)

“This cabinet is exactly what I needed for my entryway! It’s the perfect size, plus the storage underneath is great so I can hide my clutter. My husband and I built it together relatively quickly with ease. It matches my decor and colors in my home, and is neutral enough to look great anywhere. This will be a great piece to have in our home for many years.” – thelittleredcardinal (Source: Amazon)