Ninja OG701 Weather Resistant 7-in-1 Outdoor Electric Grill & Smoker with Woodfire Pellets – Grill, BBQ, Air Fry, Bake, Roast, Dehydrate & Broil

  • MASTER GRILL, BBQ SMOKER, & AIR FRYER: All in one with 100% real smoky flavor..Voltage: ‎120 volts
  • MASTER GRILL: Get all the performance of a full-size propane grill with the same char and searing.
  • FOOLPROOF BBQ SMOKER: Create authentic BBQ bark and flavor fast and easy with just 1/2 cup of pellets.
  • OUTDOOR AIR FRYER: Add smoky flavor to your air fried favorites and cook all your side dishes outdoors.
  • NINJA WOODFIRE TECHNOLOGY: Powered by electricity, flavored by real burning wood pellets. Create rich smoky flavor you can see and taste with any cook function.
  • EXCLUSIVE NINJA WOODFIRE PELLETS: Comes with 2 blends of 100% real hardwood Ninja Woodfire Pellets that pair great with anything you make. Used for flavor, not fuel, so you only need 1/2 cup.
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT: Cook and store outdoors year-round.

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“Should have purchased sooner! Great first pellet grill. I held off on purchasing this for probably 2 years-and I should have purchased it long ago. We have enjoyed cooking on it many times in the past few months- steaks, burgers, chicken wings, jalapeño poppers, ears of sweet corn- you name it!The included grill pan is great- very good sear marks and easy to clean. I am sure that the available griddle is great too.You get a good smoke flavor from the pellets- even on short cooks like steak and burgers.The controls are simple and intuitive-very easy to figure out and the display tells you heat level, when to add food, even when to flip. Of you are a beginner in grilling/smoking/or just new to wood pellets, this thing is a sure winner. Even includes a great cookbook.TL/DR- this thing is awesome, don’t hesitate to buy, hasn’t let me down yet- another great Ninja cooking appliance.” – Caleb J (Source: Amazon)

“Unbelievably easy to use and cooks fast!. There were so many positive reviews, online and tons of YouTube videos so I was confident this thing would be really good. But I didn’t think it would be this good! The Cornish game hens only took 30 minutes the smaller one cooked a little bit quicker. Don’t cook by time alone use a thermometer. They were unbelievably juicy, great color, and awesome smoky flavor. I am blown away! I love grilling with charcoal and or propane, but this is so easy and the flavor is just as good. Do yourself a favor and get one. You’ll be happy you did.” – Harry_Bahlz (Source: Amazon)

“Versatile and Works Great!. I was evaluating a propane option but decided to go with this outdoor grill given it had more versatility….and it did not disappoint. I grilled a few steaks and sausages (pictured) and used the air fryer for some wings, and everything came out great. This is also my first time using pellets and I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor it added and look forward to continue experimenting with that. and lastly Cleanup and storage was also very easy as everything fits inside the grill itself and fit on a rack in the garage with ease.2 tips1) The recipe sample booklet came in handy as it had some great examples on cooking times for various meats however I did experiment with the times as not all cuts and meats have the same thickness to get to your desired “doneness”2) be sure to line the grease trap with foil paper as it makes clean up much faster.” – Pete P (Source: Amazon)

“Best purchase I’ve ever made on Amazon. If you’re on the fence about purchasing this, do it! It’s the best purchase I have ever made on Amazon. I enjoy grilling for the family and this grill/smoker makes cooking so much easier and simpler. I’ve smoked ribs, air crisped chicken wings and jalapeño poppers, and smoked chicken thighs all in the first 4 days of owning the grill. Everything has turned out perfect. Anyone can use this product and the food is guaranteed to turn out perfect. There’s a booklet included with suggested cook times for pretty much everything you would ever want to use the grill for. This grill is awesome!” – Brandon M (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect smoker. I bought this Ninja smoker/grill after reading and watching every video there was about it. I own many ninja products and was thrilled to purchase this. We used it for the first time last night and our ribeyes came out so perfect with that smoke taste we love. Potatoes crisped with a hint of smoke were delicious. Cooked everything in half the time. We have an indoor ninja grill as well since this one was made for the outdoors. We are not disappointed. Pkge came with basket, grill, pellets, scoop and instruction manual. It’s well with the price, I might add.” – Synderella (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect Grill. This grill really surprised me. Wasn’t sure if we would like the electric grill due to being charcoal lovers. The smoking feature and wood chips included changed our minds.The grisly cooked evenly, didn’t take up too much space and was easy to clean. We are Ninja product lovers and this grill didn’t disappoint.” – Kate (Source: Amazon)

“Great multifunctional grill. Just got this from my wife for my birthday. Right after I set it up, I went to the store and bought a 4 pound pork shoulder and smoked it with the included pellets for 8 hours and it was amazing! Looking forward to lots of BBQing this summer. I have smoked a 5 pound chicken and grilled a couple of steaks since my last review and the all came out great!! Plus I love the adjustable digital timer.” – SAB (Source: Amazon)

“Great quality. Very versatile.. Almost never write reviews. This standout product is the exception. I’m a long time griller and smoker. I only bought this I now live in an upstairs condo. Electric is my only option. The quality and versatility of this cooker makes me think I’d choose it over my traditional grills. Highly recommend.” – Steve Keplinger (Source: Amazon)

“I love this thing!. Plenty of space, faster than charcoal, more delicious than gas. Tells you when it’s preheated and time to add food, tells you when to flip it over, tells you when it’s done. Easy.” – T. Brown (Source: Amazon)

“Outstanding. Love this thing already. We showed ribs multiple times, made beef jerky AND the best part is it’s so easy to clean afterwards. If I’m just cooking for the family I’m going to use this instead of my weber.” – masterjedi (Source: Amazon)

“Fast cooking and very juicy. It’s great, does what it says. My baby backs were done in 2 hours and the smoke pellets only fill one time and leave it.” – Donald R. McDougal (Source: Amazon)

“Difficult to control cooking grilling temperature. All new appliances take some getting used to and this is my first indoor grill. I have had large outdoor grills in the past but now live in an area with bears, where you need to keep your grill sparkling clean in order to not attract them and I am too lazy for that.My interest in this appliance was purely for grilling. The smoking aspect was intriguing but I doubted it would perform like a full sized smoker. As a smoker, of course, it is an outdoor only appliance.PERFORMANCE : If you love grilling you may run into the first problem right off the bat. The temperature has 3 settings. That is it. High, medium and low. High is great for getting a sear on your food and it does leave a nice grill mark pattern but, if you like to grill steaks, this grill gives you very little control over the temperature for the second phase of grilling. You cannot keep one section cooler than the other (which I did in my gas grill) so that you can move the item around to control how fast it cooks. You also cannot cook with the lid up. This seems a bit odd for a grill and even more so because it now means that you have heat coming at the food from both sides. I suspect that the convection fan was running as well because the amount of noise this thing puts out is quite amazing. I have included a video to demonstrate the racket. All of this means that your traditional cooking times for grilling go out of the window. You end up with a partly baked / air fried piece of meat with grill marks. My sirloin steaks came out evenly well done instead of pink on the inside because of the speed with which this thing cooks. Again, this is not terrible but it is different from what you can create on a grill. Delicate items like tomatoes and zucchini cook very rapidly indeed. The deliciosa squash I grilled charred on the outside very quickly before the inside was done cooking.CLEAN UP : Now this is a snap. The Ninja websites states that : The grill grate is aluminum with nonstick, high-heat ceramic coating. PTFE/PFOA free. I used the grill for about 45 minutes grilling steak, squash and veggies. It sat to cool for about 30 minutes before I started cleaning it and all the ‘burnt on’ residue just came right off with a light nylon brush and warm water! The drip pan was similarly easy to remove and clean. Ninja does recommend wiping down the inside of the hood each time you use the grill to prevent odors building up. I can attest to that issue from their Foodi pressure cookers whose air fryer lids become rapidly gross.ENERGY CONSUMPTION: something to keep in mind is that this thing pulls 1760 watts of power. It needs to be plugged into an outlet on a 15-amp circuit breaker. Using an outlet on a 10 amp breaker will cause the breaker to trip. It also needs to be the only appliance plugged into the outlet to avoid tripping even a 15 amp breaker. So, yup, a bit of an energy hog.BOTTOM LINE : Since all I wanted was the grilling aspect, this machine is probably doing too many things and not many of them extremely well. The opening in the back of the hood and the lack of a tight seal means baking will not be very efficient. Broiling should be fine but the grilling just doesn’t have the flexibility of temp control that I like. The ability to add some smoke flavor to the meat when grilling outdoors will be fun but I’d much rather have a bit more control over the temperature.” – Iris74 (Source: Amazon)

“WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE!!. Y’all, this grill is the truth! I have been researching and debating purchasing this grill for almost 7 months now. I watched videos, read reviews, watched commercials, etc. Until I finally decided to just give in and buy it. I’m so happy!So first off, I am a beginner with the grill. I love cooking however Due to childhood trauma, being hardheaded and setting my hair on fire…yikes…I am super nervous about close encounters with open fires. Even candles are off limits in my house. No joke. So I wanted an electric grill, one that I had “more control” of and could unplug it if things went south. Also I wanted the food to have that “charcoal open fire flavor” to it. GET THE NINJA!This grill does it all. So far, I have smoked whole chicken wings and a brisket. Everything was delicious! I used the wood pellets, read my manual and went for it. PERFECT!It’s the perfect size, it’s not heavy at all, and it’s quiet. Your girl is summer bbq ready!” – LadyDi (Source: Amazon)

“I KNEW ZERO ABOUT GRILLING & SMOKERS! …. Photo of my very FIRST attempt at grilling/smoking anything! A dozen chicken drumsticks seemed like a good choice! They came out PERRRRRFECT!! Some SUGGESTIONS: I purchased the “PRO” model with the THERMOMETER!! More expensive, BUT WORTH IT! The “Outdoor Grill Cover” plus many other desired accessories will also be included in the price. 2) Glad I purchased the stand too! It’s “outdoor” tough and a perfect fit. 3) The “MANUAL”, included Instruction Sheets, as well as the online Ninja “How-To” videos, were INVALUABLE! … recipes too! 4) Yeah, it takes a little homework … to get the MOST out of it. But NO MORE schlepping 16 lb. bags of charcoal, and tasting the lighter fluid in the food! The smoke flavor created in beef, chicken, and fish from the Woodfire Grill’s convection fan and the “real” wood pellets mixture, CANNOT be equaled by any conventional barbecues. (NOTE: The wood pellets are STRICTLY for “flavoring” food only – NOT for heating or cooking). I’m a “Happy Camper”.” – HappyUser (Source: Amazon)

“HOLY SMOKES. WOW, JUST WOW. This is an awesome product! I was gonna wait until I cooked a few more recipes but I’m so stoked about how well this works. My first dish came out perfect. That never happens to me with a new grill or appliance. But here we are. Air crisp wings. With the “WoodFire” flavor, of course. 20 minutes at 390 degrees. No dry rub, just salt and pepper on those. Look at that color! And the flavor? Incredible smokiness.I used to do wings for 2 hours in the smoker and then another couple minutes in the broiler/ oven. These have just as much smoke flavor, and just as much crisp. In 20 minutes! In one appliance.It takes a lot to get me excited about a product. I have a Traeger. A Blackstone. A Weber. All kinds of nice BBQ stuff. But this really impressed me with how fast and easy it is. And the versatility as well.With just a handful of wood pellets, you get an awesome smoke taste anywhere in no time. The grill is very portable and would be excellent for someone in an apartment. It’s easy to store and transport. They also sell a nice stand and cover for it, if you want. I just put it on my patio table and went to work! It comes with nice instructions and a recipe book of sorts, but I stress it’s very easy to get a good result with this grill!One last thing I want to mention. It does say “only for use with Ninja Woodfire pellets”. But their pellets look identical to all the others I have, and I am willing to wager any FOOD SAFE pellets will be fine! In fact, I’ve already heard of others using different pellets with good result. Sometimes having to buy proprietary stuff for a product turns me off so it’s good to know there are other options if desired.” – Dale (Source: Amazon)

“This may be the best thing I’ve gotten in a long time. It’s so versatile!. This electric smoker, grill, air fryer, dehydrator, roasting pan, broiler is one of the most versatile and useful gadgets I’ve ever had.We decided to test it out for the first use with ribs. We use the included wood pellets and cookbook And smoked ribs for two hours. We simply rubbed the ribs with seasoning and then place them in the smoker turning them once. They cooked perfectly. The ability to do this with set and forget precision is unbelievable.A couple of things to consider:-you need to plug it directly into an outlet or get a heavy duty extension cord-no need to add pellets after the beginning-it is heavy and doesn’t store easily. I need to find a cover and or stand.I cannot rave about how much we like this thing. It would make a great gift for someone who has everything. It’s almost like an electric blackstone griddle crossed with a smoker and an air fryer.” – J. Carpenter (Source: Amazon)