Ninja FB151GY FrostVault Hard Cooler with Dry Zone, Integrated Fridge-Temp Dry Storage Drawer

  • FROSTVAULT TECHNOLOGY: Cold transfers into FrostVault Dry Zone to keep food cool, dry and separate at food-safe temperatures (under 40° F) for days.
  • PREMIUM ICE RETENTION: Holds ice for up to 5 days to keep up with any adventure.
  • HIGH CAPACITY: 50-quart capacity fits up to 80 cans (no ice) or 45 cans + ice.
  • SMARTER PACKING: Easily pack food without transferring to secondary watertight containers and keep drinks and food completely separate.
  • HEAVY DUTY: Highly durable construction with up to 3 inches of insulation.
  • EASIER ACCESS: Grab your favorite items without digging through ice or opening the lid.
  • HEAVY-DUTY HANDLES: Durable, integrated handles make the cooler easy to carry down to the beach, cookout or tailgate.

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“It’s big, heavy, and has no wheels, but it keeps things cold and dry. You will first notice that this cooler is heavy. It weighs just a tad over 28 pounds empty, and depending on what you fill it with, the weight will add up quickly. The hand grips are 31 inches apart, so carrying this alone with anything in it could be an issue, especially if you have to lift it into or down from something when full. You will need a buddy.I’m surprised that wheels or a wheel kit are unavailable for this. It will be a backbreaker if you need to take this any distance by hand. You will need to utilize a wagon or look into a universal wheel kit.It’s a high-end cooler with a cool refrigerator type 2 drawer pull-out. It’s designed so the cold naturally flows into the drawer compartment without water or ice, so everything in these drawers will be cold and dry. The drawer locks closed, and when unlocked and pulled out, there is a catch to prevent it from completely falling out. You can lift and pull the drawer out completely if you need to clean it.I’ve already used this when I defrosted my deep freeze. It held everything frozen for over 24 hours. The lid securely closes and seals shut with the single locking hinge on the front. You can even use a padlock if you need to secure what’s inside.Overall, this is a top-of-the-line cooler with its dry cold storage compartment that sets this above the rest. It just needs at least two wheels and a handle to pull it.” – John S. (Source: Amazon)

“Drawer easily comes out for cleaning. Kudos to Ninja for coming out with a new cooler concept. I can’t wait to get some use out of this dry compartment considering the last time I went camping I accidentally submerged a new ketchup bottle leaking cooler water into it.The cooler has a decent amount of weight to it, and after filling it you will likely need 2 people to lift or carry it. My build and wingspan will allow me to lift it into a vehicle or move it a short distance, but the job will be considerably easier with a 2nd set of hands.It would be awesome if this had wheels, but sans wheels keeps the price point and overall bulk down while still delivering a quality product. Remember, premium brands tend to have models with and without wheels so I wouldn’t be shocked to see something rolled out in the future.The price point is on point. It’s cheaper than another premium brand I used for cross comparison. Actually, it’s cheaper, has more features, and a few more quarts than that particular model.The dry storage area has a sliding lock to keep it from unintentionally flying open. And it will fly open if you do not utilize this feather. Mine did while unboxing so you might want to be mindful of this. I found the drawer to be easily removed for cleaning and can be put back just as easily as it is removed. Just remember the dry storage area is included in the 50qt volume so you do lose some space in the main compartment.The latch works well. I enjoy the ease of use of only having to open in the middle instead of some cooler models that require latching at two touch points.The lid stays open while lifted making for easy loading/unloading. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine when lids need to be propped open or in the case of some soft shell coolers it’s just strenuous.The color scheme of the gray looks way better in person than it does in the advertised pictures. It’s a matte gray coloring except for lettering which is glossy. The lettering on top in the same color as the chest is almost reflective. In my opinion Ninja did a good job with the aesthetics.I have not tested with ice yet, but given the thickness of the walls I can’t imagine it doing anything but a stellar job keeping the ice in.Overall this is a great product. If you are a gear junky, or in need of a new premium ice chest for use on more than just drinks, I believe you will be happy with this product.” – A. Haney (Source: Amazon)

“Super heavy duty. I REALLY like this 50qt Ninja Cooler!! It’s heavy; but the lightweight coolers are exactly that…LIGHT weight. They totally melt down with 12-24 hrs, if not sooner. This Ninja cooler can stay cold for SIX DAYS. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!!!When I take my kids camping, I never fill my ice chest till we get to our destination, which is usually a State Park. I pack it with our snacks and stuff. Lol We get to our site and pitch camp…then we head in to town for a burger, fries and coke…then we go get our ice and cold foods at the local grocery store. Get back to camp, set up our ice chest for the week and kick it by a campfire. It’s so much easier that way for us, so we never have to lug a super heavy, full ice chest.I LOVE the locking cool storage drawers just under the main body cooler; this is so perfect for our eggs, butter, cheese, fruit, and vegetables. I CANNOT STAND to see my eggs soaking in the melted ice water…and they always end up that way no matter what I store them in. It’s just gross…and makes it feel like the whole contents of the ice chest are tainted.I like the locking drawers and lid; raccoons won’t be able to eat our food! This is such a well made and designed cooler, and should last my family for years. Great quality product!!” – Cheryl (Source: Amazon)

“Wet and dry cooler sections! First off, this cooler is a chunk. There are full sized hard handles on both short sides and you’ll need help carrying this once full. It is very sturdy and keeps foods chilled for a long, long time. The top lid flips open and has a strong secure latch. This big main compartment is for ice and wet things – so fill it up with drinks! Can easily hold four 12 packs of drinks in the cartons.The bottom area has a pull out drawer that will stay dry but the ice in the main compartment keeps the drawer cool. This section is perfect for lunch meats and cheeses, juice boxes, and quick grab snacks.The ice compartment has an external drain plug on the side, so easy to pour out the melted ice and refill.This might just be the perfect cooler for a long camping situation, just needs a set of wheels so you can move it more easily.” – Krista F (Source: Amazon)