Nathan James Parker Modern Home Office Writing Desk

Bring elegant minimalism to your home office with this classic writing desk. Its timeless design, with round tapered legs and sleek lines front to back, will add sophistication to your workspace. Crafted with MDF table top and solid rubberwood legs in an Acacia or light walnut finish, this desk has ample storage space with an open cubby and closed drawer. It’s easy to assemble with twist-in-leg construction, and the 42” x 24” x 30” dimensions make it an ideal addition to any modern home office. With Furniture Loan and Furniture Insurance options available, you can purchase this writing desk with ease and peace of mind. The Furniture Loan offers monthly payment plans with no impact on your personal credit score and no late fees, and the Furniture Insurance gives you 3- and 5-year options for ultimate peace of mind. With this writing desk, you can have the perfect addition to your home office that you can enjoy for years to come.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I use this table for my gardening journal and supplies. It is a perfect size and goes great with this chair which I also bought on Amazon. The table can fit in tight spaces, but is large enough to hold an iMac comfortably. One of my recent favorite purchases.” – Susan Carney (Source: Amazon)

“I really liked this desk. It’s the right size for me, it has a good width and depth and it has this retro vibe. It’s incredibly heavy, so if you are not strong, you will need some help. I’m not sure if it’s made of solid wood, but it feel like it is. The only problem is that because of the bottom part, the desk is a little too low and there’s not a lot of space for my legs, so I had to buy another office chair (this is not the real chair that I use, this was just for the pic). Other than that, it’s very easy to put it together, just be careful because if it falls on your feet, you will have to say goodbye to them…” – Ismael Trevi (Source: Amazon)

“The quality of this desk is amazing I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Oh and the building process is awesome too it literally took me less then 5 minutes. I LOVE LOVE this desk it’s so cute.” – Iris Gomez (Source: Amazon)