Nathan James Asher Mid-Century Glass Top Coffee Table

Bringing style and function together, this mid-century coffee table is the perfect addition to any living room. With a crystal clear glass-top and rustic oak lower shelf, it offers a two-tier rectangular style that maintains a balance of form and function. The slim brass foundation gracefully supports this 39″ x 20″ x 18″ space-saving coffee table, while also lending to its attractive design. Assembly is easy and straightforward, taking just 30 minutes, and you can rest easy knowing it comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty with a 100 day satisfaction guarantee.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I don’t impress easily nor do I rush to write a review. However, this coffee table just made my day! I have been looking for 3 years for the perfect coffee table for my small condo. I’m extremely picky but finally took a chance on this. The product arrived today and I immediately opened it and started smiling at the instructions. Every furniture company should take notes on how this company packaged and labeled the pieces and how they made the instructions easy and fun. It took me maybe 20 mins to assemble…while drinking wine.If you’re hesitant, just buy it. Yes, the wood is slightly darker than the product photos but it’s still beautiful.” – Haley Murph (Source: Amazon)

“Hands down one of my favorite purchases on Amazon! When it comes to putting anything together let alone furniture, I was worried but for me it was super easy to assemble. The color of the wood went perfectly with my decor! Loved it so much, would buy again!” – Rachelle (Source: Amazon)