mopio Chloe 77.5″ Futon Sofa Bed Small Sleeper Couch, Apricot

  • Dimensions: 77.5 (W) X 33 (D) X 28.3 (H) inches; with 30-day return and 1-year warranty
  • Versatile Functionality: Sit, lounge or sleep with 3 adjustable splitback fold-down backrest settings. Accommodates seating for 3 and easily transforms into a compact futon bed for 1, suitable for both living and guest room
  • Firm & Sturdy: High-quality foam seat that provides a firm and comfortable sitting experience as well as a good night’s sleep. Holds up to 550 lbs, making it a reliable and durable choice
  • Timeless Design: Combining modern lines with mid-century modern details, such as chevron tufting and tapered plastic legs, this piece features a timeless design that adds style to any decor
  • Easy Maintenance: 7.9″ height clearance for easy cleaning access
  • Simple Assembly: 2-person assembly in just 20 minutes with clear step-by-step guide. Arm rests, legs and hardware are conveniently located in the zippers under the seat for quick setup
  • Color Variation & Measurement Disclaimer: Please expect color variance between actual product and photos due to different lighting conditions and online viewing device settings. Please be aware that measurements stated may vary up to 0.5 inches due to mass production, please allocate for 0.5 inches difference when measuring before purchase

Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I have searched and searched for a couch that matches my office artwork but also didn’t want to pay a zillion dollars. This couch is just perfect. I would recommend it more for commercial than residential probably due to stiffness, but it’s still comfortable. It was easy to assemble. Note that it arrives in 2 boxes and mine did not arrive on same day. 5 stars!” – S. Norris (Source: Amazon)

“Buying a futon online can be somewhat nerve racking; buying one on Amazon can be downright terrifying. With that said, we did lots of comparing all over and now feel extremely silly for waiting on making this purchase for so long.To start with the color is gorgeous and exactly as shown, which is excellent as it will fit in perfectly with our decor. Assembly took all of 20 minutes maybe, and by minute 21 my animals were enthusiastically exploring the comfort, which is also surprisingly pleasant. It’s firm but not too much so, and the fabric just feels expensive you know? Size wise it’s perfect – our place isn’t the largest apartment and this doesn’t overwhelm the space yet can easily seat 3 people no problem. It also easily collapses for sleeping and we’re looking forward to having extra guests over now that they have somewhere to crash.All in all super pleased and will certainly be entertaining further purchases from the brand. You just cannot beat the quality and price.” – Bridget (Source: Amazon)

“I have a mid century house and I wanted a time appropriate practical sofa sleeper for myNephews. Sofa came in 4 days, I love the fabric, easy to clean. And wasn’t bad putting together. Super sturdy! Definitely worth the money!” – AlanaRae Garcia (Source: Amazon)

“Amazing couch! Absolutely love this!! It’s very comfortable and easy to assemble. Took maybe 10 minutes to put it together. I’m 5’10 and I can lay down comfortably on it. Bought this to go into my office but I might just keep it in the living room. The orange color is stunning in person!” – Alyssa (Source: Amazon)

“Stylish and comfy. Easy to assemble, and looks good in my still bare living room. Love the color! Just a little worried about sturdiness. Wish the piece was keeps both pieces together was a little stronger.” – Valenttine (Source: Amazon)

“Super cute and aesthetically pleasing. Adorable futon. It’s small and folds down to the size of a twin bed, it’s definitely firm though so a mattress topper would be ideal. The apricot color is a super bright funky orange. For the price and style, it’s perfect.” – Summer O (Source: Amazon)

“This couch was very easy to set up, just press the arms into the tracks, turn it over and use one bolt and washer to tighten each down. Then attach the six legs by screwing them in. Not sure if it is safe to pick it up or move it too much, as you hear a bit of a creaking sound when you do so. But it serves it’s purpose for an extra sitting and sleeping place when guests arrive.” – Scott R. (Source: Amazon)

“Basic, easy set up, adorable. Nothing fancy or incredibly plush, which I expected. Super cute statement piece for my little apartment. Set up took less than 15 minutes and did it on my own. Came in two boxes through fedex on separate days and were a bit heavy, I had to have a stronger person lift them for me up my stairs. I love it.” – Alison Flagler (Source: Amazon)

“I was searching a small sofa for my tiny studio. I wanted something not expansive, but still that could look nice. After a lot of options, I finally made my decision. And I don’t regret. For this price it was hard to find something nice, not too big and not too small. I also needed a convertible option. This sofa looks nice, nice material, comfy enough. Still a bit small, it could be nicier if it was a bit bigger. But anyway, for the money – it’s perfect. The delivery was fast and smooth. The set up was easy, a bit heavy, but I was able to set it up by myself without any additional help. Strongly recommended.” – Elena (Source: Amazon)

“I’m a 105lb person and I carried this inside and put it together by myself in about 10 minutes. Super easy to assemble, not too heavy but also quite sturdy once everything is screwed in. The legs are plastic, not wood, but that’s okay. Also the instructions tell you to flip the sofa to finish screwing the arms from the bottom on but you don’t have to do that, you can just reach under. The cushions aren’t super squishy but they’re plenty comfortable. The cats have no interest in scratching this, which is a bonus! And the color is nice. All around recommended” – Corey (Source: Amazon)

Other Decor Ideas

Introducing a mopio Chloe Futon Sofa Bed into your living space offers a unique opportunity to blend practical functionality with mid-century modern flair. One decor idea is to enhance the futon’s velvety apricot surface with carefully chosen accent pillows and throws. The texture and warmth of the fabric provide the perfect canvas for splashes of complementary or contrasting colors. Think of integrating solid-colored pillows that harmonize with the apricot tone, like deep blues or charcoal grays, while balancing them with a few geometric patterns that echo the design era. A soft, cozy throw blanket casually draped over one arm of the futon not only invites guests to relax but also contributes an additional layer of color and texture.

Secondly, selecting the right area rug can make a fundamental difference in unifying your living space. An area rug with organic curves or angular patterns characteristic of the mid-century modern aesthetic can pull the room together. This foundation piece should extend beyond the area of the futon, connecting it with other elements in the room such as side chairs or a coffee table. Choose a rug that incorporates the futon color in its pattern, but don’t be afraid to introduce new hues that can open up the room to a wider color palette, enriching the overall design of your living space.

The coffee table you choose to pair with your futon has the potential to be more than a convenient surface; it should mirror the sleek, clean lines of the Chloe sofa bed while offering additional utility. A coffee table in a classic mid-century style with neat, tapered legs can offer a coherent visual line. If space allows, select one with a compartment or drawers where remotes, magazines, and coasters can be stored away neatly. Always ensure that the positioning and size of the table maintain an open feel in the room, especially considering the convertible nature of the futon into a sleeper.

When it comes to lighting, selection and placement are key. The incorporation of classic mid-century modern fixtures such as a stylized floor lamp can elevate the sophistication of the room, casting a warm glow that complements the inviting texture of the futon. Alternatively, consider versatile lighting options such as a mid-century inspired wall sconce with adjustable brightness settings. Not only will this provide practical illumination, but when placed properly, it can serve as a stunning visual element that completes the look and creates an inviting atmosphere for hosts and guests alike.

Finally, curating the art and decor for the walls will tie the living space together. Select wall art that reflects and supports the mid-century modern character of the Chloe futon. Whether you go for bold statement pieces above the sofa or an eclectic gallery wall mix, look for colors and shapes that align with the room’s color scheme. Mid-century modern decor’s hallmark lies in its simplicity and emphasis on form, so aim for artwork that offers clean lines or abstract motifs that resonate with the period’s design sensibility. Balancing these decor ideas will establish a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment that embraces both the timeless design and functional versatility of your mid-century modern futon bed.