Lodge Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet with Signature Teardrop Handle

  • YOUR NEW GO-TO PAN: Lodge cast iron cookware is the perfect kitchen tool for beginners, home cooks and chefs. Cast iron can handle any kitchen cooktop, oven, grill and open flame. Crafted in America with iron and oil, its naturally seasoned cooking surface creates an easy-release and improves with use.
  • SEASONED COOKWARE: Seasoning is simply oil baked into the iron, giving it a natural, easy-release finish and helps prevent your pan from rusting. Lodge pre-seasons all cast iron cookware with 100% natural vegetable oil; no synthetic coatings or chemicals. The more you use Lodge the better the seasoning will get!
  • RUST? DON’T PANIC! IT’S NOT BROKEN: When your pan arrives you may notice a spot that looks like rust. It’s simply oil that has not fully carbonized. With regular use and care the spot will disappear. If you do notice rust simply scour the affected area with steel wool, rinse, dry and rub with vegetable oil.
  • COOKING VERSATILITY: Our skillets have unparalleled heat retention that gives you edge-to-edge even cooking every time you use your skillet. Cast iron cookware is slow to heat up but retains heat longer which makes cast iron ideal for pan-frying and roasting. These delicious moments are cast to last.
  • FAMILY-OWNED. Lodge is more than just a business; it’s a family. The Lodge family founded the company in 1896, and they still own it today. From environmental responsibility to community development, their heads and hearts are rooted in America. Lodge products are made in the USA with non-toxic, PFOA & PTFE free material.

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“I cook almost everything in my Lodge Cast Iron Pan. If you haven’t already taken the leap into cast iron you should think about it. First off the pan is cheap, durable and generally non-stick. Does this mean nothing will stick to this pan? No but if you have the right temperature and use the right amount of fat/oil when cooking and take care of this pan it will take care of you. I would say this pan excels at proteins first and foremost. I have cooked bacon, eggs and pancakes right after one another and nothing stuck to this pan. I would say vegetables are also a favorite in this pan as well because of the great flavor this pan helps create through the oil and char you can achieve with this pan.If you are the type of person that cooks and then puts the pans in the sink for a later time then cast iron might not be for you but I have left this pan in a sink for a few hours or on the stove top overnight and cleaned the next day so it is worth a shot. If you are the type of person who lets pans soak in water overnight or puts them immediately into a dishwasher for cleaning then this pan is definitely not for you unless you are willing to make an exception with this pan…” – Eric Wentz (Source: Amazon)

“Cooks wonderfully and easy to maintain (See Tips). I was a cast iron denier for years because I read so much about the difficulty of maintaining it — and for the fact that it is so heavy. I started experimenting with a no-name brand a year ago and got the hang of it until the bottom of its coating started flaking. I immediately went to by a Lodge instead and have been happy with the decision.Pan is already pre-seasoned and smooth (compared to the no-name one), and maintenance has been really simple: after cooking, put water on the pan and heat it up. Then scrub with metal or wood to get the gunk off. Drain, rinse, heat up again to evaporate all the water, then apply a thin film of oil.If you have JUST received the pan, it’s best to use bacon to season it per Lodge’s instructions.We have made many meals with the cast iron and I use it for practically everything. Just put some olive oil or butter while heating up the pan slowly until desired temperature and cook.Maintains heat very well.Skip the silicone handle as that is NOT reliable at all — started falling apart after just a couple months of usage. I just use a towel to hold the hot handle.Lid is a must for camping. I also like the Lodge “A5-11″ tool to lift the lid with.” – YuenX (Source: Amazon)

“As advertised. Love it. I’ve had these for two years. Initially I thought I got scammed because how rough the surface looked. Now I’ve changed my mind. I learned to be patient and let the food release themselves. As shown in the picture, I made egg based Chinese crepes (or pancake?) in them. The whole thing comes off completely without sticking anywhere and it’s crispy on the ouside and soft inside.I got a lodge wok too. It takes a longer time to heat the whole thing up because it’s deep. I imagine on fire it will be wonderful.I use this about once a week, because I use my instant pot a lot. And I don’t use them for making steaks often because that creates too much smoke for my little apt. But for the time that I did make steak in them when j first bought them. They were amazing. The steak will initially stick on it and then release themselves after browned.As for cleaning, there are lots of YouTube videos. For tough stains, I used salt scrubbing and boiling water. They all work. If you cleaned them too much, the seasoning will come off. I’m at the point when I don’t need to wash them like that any more. It’s non stick. I just rinse it with hot water some times with soft sponge and heat it up and season them.” – Teaanyoung Zhou (Source: Amazon)

“Wonderful pan for the price. I am very happy with this pan. After several uses for baking in my gas oven, I don’t think I’ll go back to normal baking dishes. The photo is of a breakfast casserole made in the oven. I use a dish rag, warm water, and pinch of salt to clean the pan. After it’s dry I season it with a teaspoon of EVOO and leave it sit on my cooktop.” – Justin P Heflin (Source: Amazon)

“I love this skillet. I love this skillet! I’ve used it on the stove:gas and electric(on glass tops do not drag this skillet on it, it will scratch the glass) as well as over fire outdoors. I’ve owned it for 8 months now and it still looks as new as it did 8 months ago. Make sure to research how to clean your cast iron cookware and always heat them up to evaporate any surface moisture after cleaning before oiling. I’ve made many different foods in this, Utica Greens, bacon, eggs, steak, pizza…etc. All have come out perfect. Be aware this skillet is huge so make sure you have room to store it and it is also heavy…About 12 pounds I think, so my wife does have trouble moving it, I also need 2 hands to carry the sucker especially when its loaded with food! I would say I would buy this again, but I see this skillet lasting for ever!” – Tinkerman (Source: Amazon)

“Awesome for Steakhouse Style Rolls. My goto pan for steakhouse style rolls, made with Rhodes frozen dough. 8” skillet is the perfect size for the job. I use the Lodge brush and warm water to clean it. Immediately dry it. Then coat the whole thing with olive oil again for storage. Cheapest and best pan I own. Quality product and workmanship. Strongly recommend.” – hand (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect for me. Compared to the other cast iron skillets I have, this one is light as a feather so I was already in love when it arrived. Immediately after doing the initial cleaning and seasoning of it, I ran out to Publix to get some steaks. It fit two New York strips beautifully and gave them the sear I look for when preparing steaks. Finished them in the oven and they were perfectly medium rare and delicious. This is what I look for in a cast iron skillet and boy did I get it!” – Barbra Ann (Source: Amazon)

“Love this pan! I really love this skillet! Does everything it needs to do, although just a warning, do not use metal utensils while cooking with it, only the plastic heat resistant ones. I should have known better, I used a metal spatula on it mixing around scrambled eggs and I can see some of the finish coming off because of it.” – Kelsey M (Source: Amazon)