LIFETIME 60054 Convertible Metal Bench / Dining Table, Faux Wood Construction

The Convertible Bench functions as a bench with a back or a bench with a table. Beautiful simulated wood will not fade, warp, or rot from weather exposure like real wood and it requires no special maintenance to look as good as new for many years. Bench seat and tabletop are designed with slats which allow for quick drainage of rain and snow. A one-hand latch mechanism easily converts the back of the bench to a handy table with easy access to bench in just seconds. Very sturdy and stable. Buy one convertible bench to create a handy space saving table, or buy two convertible benches and put them together to form a full-size picnic table.

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“Sturdy, well made. I was going back and forth about these but took a chance and got them. As with anything j mine, you’re just not sure about the quality of the item that you’ll received. This item came quickly, is well made, relatively easy to follow instructions (coming from someone who is horrible at following directions), and looks great! I bought two to have the option for two benches or a picnic table. I can’t wait for the summer to put these by my pool and hang out!” – Lindsay R. (Source: Amazon)

“Multipurpose Outdoor Dining. Assembly was fairly easy. These benches feel sturdy and yet are surprisingly easy to move around. The lever to fold up the table top into a bench back is easy to do with one hand.When we have outdoor movie nights, we can separate the two tables and turn them into bench tables facing the movie screen.Or we can turn them into benches only and push them up against the walls to make floor space room for outdoor mini bowling.My only wish now is that Lifetime makes a coordinating banquet-like narrow table that can stand alone. But when needed, it can be slid in between two of these bench/tables can act as a “table extension”. That would be awesome!!!” – CACTUSmango (Source: Amazon)

“I love my Picnic Table-Benches. I love my Picnic Table-Benches.Follow close the assembly instructions, group the accessories step by step, and you may be done in 2 hours.Looking forward to putting to use these benches and table during the spring and summer.Thank you” – Dr. Leonard (Source: Amazon)

“Impressed, good first impression. Searched high and low for suitable all weather benches for my outdoor fire pit. Plastic wood is expensive in this kind of outdoor furniture so having found these at a very reasonable price I gave them a try (Purchased 2).Comes in the expected flat pack – the two surfaces pre-assembled. A little fiddly to assemble and only one instruction book between the two boxes (Intentional?) but the online assembly instruction was easy to find.The bench feels solid and quality. The adjustment mechanism for the tilt is well designed and well made. I expect it to be robust based on first impressions. Positions are very positive and stable.Have them out in the garden with my only complaint so far is Robin’s love to perch on them, very well fed robins…..Only been outside for a month so I will update this review after a season to report how they stand up to a North NJ summer and winter.Ironically the only deterioration is on the "Lifetime" label – see the pictures!So far I would definitely recommend them. Well made, well designed and very happy with the finished look.” – Vince O. (Source: Amazon)

“Fantastic and versatile product! I love these benches! We bought two together to make a picnic table for our patio. Versatile to say the least, several people have asked me where I got got such a great looking and practical piece of furniture. I downgraded my rating to 4 stars because 1: it was difficult to assemble (took my husband 3 hours for each bench!) and 2: any kind of oily stains show up on the faux wood and are hard to remove. Otherwise, we love them! Great product at a fair price, especially if you need space saving options.” – Jenn Corrado (Source: Amazon)

“Well built. It was easy to set up had no problems looks like easy to be clean just rinse with water,It found its home in my Garden” – Lewis (Source: Amazon)

“lifetime satisfaction. easy assembly, practical function, long lasting design construction. double thumbs up.” – semode (Source: Amazon)