LEPOWER Mid Century Modern Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

For anyone looking to add a timeless, yet modern, touch to their interior design, this elegant wooden tripod floor lamp is the perfect solution. Constructed with high-quality nature rubber wood, this sturdy design is not only durable and aesthetic, but also safe to have around children and pets. Its unique stem with three wooden holders make it stable enough, while its rounded linen lamp shade adds a classic, yet modern, flair to any room it’s placed in. What’s more, it has an E26 sized screw base, so you can install your desired bulb, whether that be an LED bulb, an energy saving bulb, or an incandescent bulb (max 60W). This floor lamp is sure to be a stylish, timeless addition to any home or office.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“The proportions are great…legs have enough “visual weight” that it doesn’t appear cheap, and it went together quickly and easily!” – J McVey (Source: Amazon)

Awesome. I love this lamp. You won’t find a better value for the look. Solid ash wood. High quality fasteners. Takes 15 minutes to put together. Blame me if you’re not satisfied. I’m so satisfied I need a cigarette. Yes. That satisfied. You’re welcome.” – BadGabeBad (Source: Amazon)

“I am quite pleased with this purchase and am glad to have listened to myself when the spirit hit me to buy. Sometimes reading negative reviews can diminish things, but when we listen within we become the exception. This lamp is a Mid-Century Charmer indeed. I love the rich color of the wood, how sturdy it is, and the overall quality of the legs and shade. It was simple to put together, and the color of the cord (made of a soft, yet durable fabric material) matches the body, so the blend is perfect. I plan to get a brighter bulb when the rain lifts, but even this basic 350 lumens bulb casts some nice light. I look forward to moving things around and rightly placing this beauty. Happy camper here in Oakland.” – Kissiah Y. (Source: Amazon)

“I like this lamp a lot! It look really nice in my living room and didn’t break the bank (~$60). While I wouldn’t call it “sturdy”, as its hard for a three legged lamp to feel too secure (there’s no cross bracing on the legs, they just each float there), it doesn’t feel wobbly either. The legs appear to be solid wood and the hardware is pretty secure. The legs have to be screwed together from smaller segments when assembling, but they feel like one solid leg once full assembled (use a little bit of wood glue when assembling too for the ultimate hold). I wish that the switch wasn’t a floor peddle (as shown in the photo), because I put it behind a chair, which makes it difficult to access the switch.” – Matt (Source: Amazon)

“Love this lamp! It was easy to put together and has a nice wide shade. Don’t be out of by “build your own shade”, it was easy and is sturdy. It was exactly the look I had in mind. I secured the cord to the posterior leg so it isn’t just hanging in the center. I could have easily taped it in place but I had some cable securement devices laying around and they did the trick.” – Martin (Source: Amazon)