KINYING Horizontal Waterproof Outdoor Storage Shed, 26 Cubic Feet

  • ★ SHED DIMENSIONS — External size: 50 in. W x 29.1 in. D x 41 in. H; interior Size: 46 in. W x 25.5 in. D x 38.5in.H, capacity: 26 Cubic Feet.This garden shed is perfectly to store outdoor small items, such as 2 small trash cans, garden tools, generator,pool accessories.
  • ★ TWIN-WALL PANELS FOR ADD STRENGTH — The storage shed adopts double wall panel design, which has stronger wind resistance and impact resistance, won’t easy to bend or puncture, can bear higher weight. In short, it is stronger and more durable than most cabinets designed with single-wall panels.
  • ★ PERFECT FOR STORAGE — The storage cabinet could place all kinds of tools, sundries, trash cans etc.Meanwhile, it suitable for all kinds of occasions: indoor, outdoor,balcony, yard, garden, street, etc.
  • ★ EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND DISASSEMBLE — We have updated the instructions to make it even simpler. Also added a video about the installation on the Amazon page. In addition, to enhance its usability, we provide additional accessory kinying laminate shelves for this storage shed, but the shelves are sold separately.
  • ★ PRACTICAL AND STYLISH DESIGN — The kinying storage shed has a roof groove design can effectively realize drainage, and it is worry-free to use all-weather.The European and American style design is very fashionable and beautiful, and the HPPE material will not fade, maintain its original color for a long time.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“Very happy with my purchase. Put it together in about an hour. Great product for the price. Wish some of the screws were just a bit longer. I worry after a lot of use they may lose up. If so, will update” – Msjen (Source: Amazon)

“Love this garbage cabana. I assembled it myself although I would advise a helper. Went together easily. All connections (screws etc) are on the inside so no rusting.I recommend this product.” – Cashstola (Source: Amazon)

“This shed was not scheduled to be delivered for another three weeks, but surprise, UPS delivered it one week from the date the order was placed. It took my 13 year old grandson and I approximately one hour to assemble. I am using this to store my lawn mower and outdoor cushions during off season. After we finished assembling and placing it in the backyard, it got it’s first water test after a rain shower. The shed is sealed tight and is definitely waterproof. If you are looking for a small shed, I recommend this one, which is solid.” – GrannyDIYer (Source: Amazon)

“Haven’t had this shed long, but so far so good. It was simple to assemble, I love that! Did it myself with no problems. It seems sturdy. Very roomy. I’m using mine to store woodworking tools for an outside workshop. I bought boards for DIY shelves. I did that rather than order the add on shelves for two reasons. I read the shelves you can order separately, (this shed comes with none), are metal. I was afraid they would be to flimsy to hold heavy power tools. Secondly, the add on shelves are about $50.00 each, I need two. I thought making my own would be less expensive. They were but only by $25.00. Not a huge savings for the trouble, personal choice. I’m happy with this purchase as long as it stays dry inside and sturdy.” – rlkiser (Source: Amazon)

Other Landscaping Ideas

Tool Storage: The Kinying Outdoor Storage Shed provides optimal storage space for a range of gardening tools, ensuring they’re safely kept when not in use. For landscaping businesses or home gardeners, tool organization is crucial. Tools can vary in size from small pruners to larger equipment like lawnmowers or wheelbarrows. The Shed’s capacity of 26 cubic feet accommodates these tools, protecting them from elements like rain, sun, and wind that might deteriorate their quality. Easy access to neatly arranged tools also increases efficiency, saving valuable time.

Kids Toy Storage: Outdoor play equipment like bicycles, balls, frisbees can scatter around, creating a messy yard and posing trip risks. Using the Kinying Outdoor Storage Shed to keep these items organizes the yard, enhances safety and protects these toys from weather conditions. Sun exposure can fade the paint on bikes and crack the plastic toys, while rain can cause rusting. Storing them in a shed can significantly prolong their life and maintain their quality.

Garden Furniture Storage: To protect garden furniture from severe weather conditions such as harsh sun, rain or snow, the Shed serves excellently as a storage unit. Garden furniture often suffers from peeling, fading, or damage due to constant exposure to weather elements. Having a shed to store this furniture when not in use or during severe weather can preserve overall longevity, appearance, and function.

Swimming Pool Shed: Poolside clutter can often become problematic, as pool equipment, toys, and maintenance gear pile up. The Kinying Outdoor Storage Shed proves to be an ideal solution, serving as a convenient poolside storage unit. Essentials like pool cleaning equipment, inflatable pool toys, and chemicals can be neatly stored away inside the Shed. This helps maintain a clean and organized pool area for swimmers to enjoy.

Trash and Recycling Bin Shelter: Garbage and recycling bins often stand out and ruin the aesthetic of a home or garden. Moreover, they can attract pests or stray animals, causing mess and smell. The Kinying Outdoor Storage Shed offers a great solution by concealing these bins, maintaining a cleaner look. Its sturdy twin-wall design can also withstand any impacts if animals attempt to infiltrate, keeping your waste safe and secure.