Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Patio Deck Box, Brown

  • Durable Patio Storage Box Built: Made from durable plastic that is resistant to weather and has an appealing rattan or wicker design that is built for long-lasting use
  • Keter Storage Mechanism: Hydraulic pistons fuel an easy-lift and soft-close mechanism that allows the top to completely open and slowly shut with minimal effort
  • Multi-functional: Large storage box also doubles as a bench and has a weight capacity of 660 pounds to make the most of your patio space, declutter your yard, and create new seating in one fell swoop
  • Box Security: Large deck box is designed with a lockable lid (lock not included) that provides maximum security and the peace of mind you deserve to protect your belongings
  • Specs: Store patio furniture, cushions, gardening tools, pool accessories, and more with our Westwood Outdoor Deck Box with an exterior measuring 61 inches long, 28.5 inches wide, and 25.4 inches tall

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“This deck box has a very smart design. I was able to put this together myself (my husband typically does these things so to say that I did it myself means it was EASY to assemble). The box itself is light weight but very sturdy. Once assembled, my husband and I sat on it comfortably without any kind of give or wobbling. If you sit on it, your feet don’t touch the ground. Surprisingly it is light weight so easy to move around if needed. It also has a very finished look – like real wood and matches perfectly with our patio set and has a good capacity to fit all of our cushions. So far, we really like it.” – Theresa Schmechel (Source: Amazon)

“The product arrived quicker then I expected. Kudos to the seller for the fast shipping .Package arrived intact. I was very surprised since it was such a large box.Had some time this Sat so I decided to open the box and put it together.All parts were in the box.It was very easy to put together. I had my wife help me a bit in holding the walls while I put I placed another part together.All in all took me about 45 min to an hour going at very relaxed paced.I included pictures of the finished product.It seems very durable. It should last a few years in the yard here in Nothern CA.” – EDWIN C. (Source: Amazon)

“Great outdoors solution if you need to hide pillows from sofa This storage i’ll help you to solve the problem . Installation was fast great for outdoor and weatherproof I really love how storage designed beautiful color in nice shape” – Adesignstore (Source: Amazon)

“Easy to assembly by yourself but also very sturdy and solid. Great closing mechanism for smooth opening and closing. A TON of storage. Looks very nice and not cheap looking. Someone can definitely sit on top as described. May buy another for my garage!” – Jenbengen (Source: Amazon)

“I did a lot of research on various types of deck boxes. While it isn’t the centerpiece of my deck furnishings, I did want it to look as attractive as possible. I was a bit nervous about going with plastic, but I really wanted the waterproof feature.So, once I settled on plastic, I started searching for the right one. I am so glad I settled on this one!! While no plastic box is going to look just like real wood or wicker, this one definitely does not look super fake, or cheesy.Although it is pretty big, it only really holds the seat and back cushions for four deck chairs, and maybe a couple of throw pillows. That is all I needed it for, but if I had a big seating arrangement, I would definitely need a second box.Assembly was super easy and I was amazed at how well the packaging broke down. I was able to fold the entire box up and fit it in our smallish recycling bin with plenty of room to spare.This is definitely far more attractive than any of the similarly priced boxes I have seen at home improvement stores. Very pleased with this purchase!! Delivery was also super quick. Got it two days after I ordered it.” – Stephanie (Source: Amazon)

“Good for storage and an extra seat. Cushions for two lounge chairs and cushions for a table of four, all fit” – Dennis J. Ray (Source: Amazon)

“Very easy to assemble using snap in place pieces. Unit shipped without instructions and still no problem assembling.” – LJpenny (Source: Amazon)

“Finally, a plastic deck box that looks nice! Easily fits 8 large-stuffed cushions (4 deep seat cushions, and 4 standard seatbacks). It’s heavy enough to withstand the notable wind coming off the open fields beyond our yard. And tall enough that when closed, we could cover it with a tablecloth, and use it as surface for serving drinks or food. The hydraulic lid is also nice – easily stays open while loading/unloading. Glad we bought it!” – Yvonne (Source: Amazon)

Great product to store big backyard outdoor stuff. Nice thing about it , it opens fully with a little effort. One of those soft open. However doesn’t Soft close. About half way down you’ll have to push it till it just falls on its own. Not really an issue, still love this item. Overall for the durability and storage space.” – E. L. E (Source: Amazon)

“Wow!! Bought this after retiring one we got at Lowe’s. It went together so simply I thought I had done something wrong. It looks great. Works awesome. Wish I had just bought this one first before having to mess around with the other one. This fit cushions for two chairs and a loveseat. The photos don’t do it justice. This is great. Already looking at getting another one for my bbq gear.” – JM (Source: Amazon)

I was putting the assembly off because I just didn’t want to deal with it. I finally bit the bullet and it was SUPER fast and easy. It might’ve taken 30 minutes, but only because I stopped to answer the phone.It’s a little to tall to use as a regular bench comfortably, feet will definitely dangle.I bought it to store a hammock in, but see now it’ll hold a lot more. (Pictured with a canopy inside.)” – Melanie (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Outdoor Toy Storage: Family homes with small children likely need a location for storing outdoor toys. These items can be small and easily misplaced, or larger items like bicycles or playsets that need protection from weather and sun damage when not in use. The Keter Westwood Box provides an ideal catch-all storage solution that children can easily access. The slow-close lid prevents the risk of finger trapping, making it safe for children to handle.

Garden Tools Storage: Dedicated gardeners often work with a substantial range of tools which, when not stored properly, can degrade or become a safety hazard. In this use case, the Keter Westwood Box can serve as a centralized storage place for garden tools. The weather-resistant polypropylene construction ensures these tools stay dry and rust-free, while the generous storage capacity can accommodate multiple tools, from hand trowels to long-handled rakes.

Pool Supplies Organizer: Maintaining a pool requires multiple accessories – cleaning nets, pool toys, water treatment chemicals, and more. These items can create clutter and might degrade if left outside. Here the Keter Westwood Box can serve as a viable storage solution. It offers ample capacity to store varying sized items and its weatherproof feature will ensure that delicate items like chemicals and life vests are protected from the elements, thus extending their service life.

Outdoor Patio Cushions Storage: Outdoor furniture is often left exposed to the elements, reducing the lifespan of the cushions considerably. The Keter Westwood Box, with its generous volume, presents an ideal cushion storage solution. The box’s appealing wood-look texture makes it an elegant addition to any patio, while its optimal ventilation prevents mildew or mold growth on the cushions.

Bench seater: In smaller homes, multi-functional items are exceptionally valuable. Beyond its function as storage, the Keter Westwood Box can double as a bench seater for gatherings or routine family dinners in the backyard. Its 660-pound weight capacity allows it to accommodate multiple guests, and the comfort it provides is on par with traditional options. It’s an excellent example of practical furniture, combining storage and seating in one attractive package.