Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Patio Deck Box, Brown

Finding the perfect storage solution for your outdoor space can be a difficult task. However, a resin storage box with a large capacity and a wood-look texture is the perfect way to store items while also adding a touch of style to your outdoor area. This storage box offers a generous 150 gallon capacity, is made from all-weather-resistant resin and has a weight capacity of 660 lbs. It also has easy lift and soft close hydraulic pistons so it is easy to open and close, even for children. You can use it to store outdoor furniture cushions, outdoor toys, pool accessories and beach towels, and its weather-resistant construction ensures your items will stay dry, well ventilated and in excellent shape.

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“This deck box has a very smart design. I was able to put this together myself (my husband typically does these things so to say that I did it myself means it was EASY to assemble). The box itself is light weight but very sturdy. Once assembled, my husband and I sat on it comfortably without any kind of give or wobbling. If you sit on it, your feet don’t touch the ground. Surprisingly it is light weight so easy to move around if needed. It also has a very finished look – like real wood and matches perfectly with our patio set and has a good capacity to fit all of our cushions. So far, we really like it.” – Theresa Schmechel (Source: Amazon)

“The product arrived quicker then I expected. Kudos to the seller for the fast shipping .Package arrived intact. I was very surprised since it was such a large box.Had some time this Sat so I decided to open the box and put it together.All parts were in the box.It was very easy to put together. I had my wife help me a bit in holding the walls while I put I placed another part together.All in all took me about 45 min to an hour going at very relaxed paced.I included pictures of the finished product.It seems very durable. It should last a few years in the yard here in Nothern CA.” – EDWIN C. (Source: Amazon)

“Great outdoors solution if you need to hide pillows from sofa This storage i’ll help you to solve the problem . Installation was fast great for outdoor and weatherproof I really love how storage designed beautiful color in nice shape” – Adesignstore (Source: Amazon)