Keter Manor 4×6 Resin Outdoor Storage Shed, Grey & White

  • DIMENSIONS: Exterior: 51. 2 in. W x 75. 6 in. D x 78 in. H / Interior: 43. 7 in. W x 69. 7 in. D x 74. 8 in. H
  • IDEAL SIZE: Generous storage capacity of 131. 8 cubic feet
  • RESIN CONSTRUCTION: Made from polypropylene resin plastic & steel reinforced to ensure durability – will not peel, rot or rust & never needs painting
  • DURABLE: Weather-resistant, waterproof and UV protected – will not peel, rot or rust
  • LIGHT & AIRY: Skylight and window to let in natural light & vented for air circulation
  • ATTRACTIVE: Stylish wood-like texture will complement any home
  • VERSATILE: Use as a storage shed for a push lawn mower, bike storage, yard tools, garden tools, and patio furniture

Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I received no compensation or solicitation of any kind for this review.First, the good:The price is right. It is a small shed that fit where I needed it & holds what I wanted to store. Assembly was pretty easy, but you really have to pay attention to the instructions. Don’t assume you know what they want you to do. Use the spatula thing to make sure the panels are seated far enough. If not, you will have a disaster. All of the parts came and were in good shape.The floor is a little “squishy” as others have said. Build a foundation which helps provide support. I used pressure treated 2 x 4s for a frame and topped it with 3/4″ treated plywood. This gives a solid floor and a frame to screw the base into. Do not screw in the base until you are completely finished.I assembled the shed mostly alone, but had some help putting on the roof. I used a small rubber mallet to help persuade some of the pieces – if you go this route, be gentle it is easy to mash things up.Just had a big rainstorm with winds and shed stayed totally dry inside. Happy about that!The not so good:Even being very careful to seat everything fully, there were a couple of places that didn’t seem to line up well. The lip at the bottom of the door is a bit of a pain. I seem to step on it every other time I go in, and it collapses. However, it springs right back up.The vents are great, but do not have any screening. Get some screen or you may end up with a bees or other vermin. I have it duct taped from the inside. I also put some duct tap on the small gaps at the roof peak to prevent a bee from squeezing in.All in all, it was a good purchase. I was originally going to just put the shed on a gravel base but as soon as I stepped on the floor, I changed my mind. Happy I went with the wood foundation. It’s good looking, functional and dry. The Amazon delivery was great, they carried it right into my garage. Packaging was in good shape and all the pieces were included and in good shape. They included a good number of extra screws. I also used cordless screwdriver for the assembly as was recommended by another reviewer – thanks for that!” – The Giz (Source: Amazon)

“I purchased this shed with reservations several months ago – June/July 2019. Based on the reviews I read, many seemed to have many issues assembling it or received it with damaged/missing parts, etc. The shed I received had all parts and nothing was missing. The one issue I did have was that one of the side panels had a bent corner, but it was still able to be assembled without any other issues. The shed fits perfectly where I put it and hasn’t had any leaks or structural issues since assembled. It’s not a wood framed shed so don’t expect it to have that type of sturdiness. It has movement and some flexibility, but doesn’t seem to be of low quality so far.Once assembled, I was able to slide it across the grass (1 person) into its spot. The inside is much larger than I expected. I have a Lawn Mower, Snow Blower, 3 large bags of mulch (behind the barrel), a barrel and a weed wacker, and there’s still room. (See pics) If you’re looking for a shed to hang hooks inside for tools on the walls, I don’t recommend doing it to this one unless you build an interior wall first of plywood, etc. I am looking for a floor stand for the shovels, rake, etc that will fit inside. The reviews on those are not good either – many complain of them tipping over easily so I haven’t bought one yet. Could be user error, who knows…Some Advice / Suggestions -Be sure to have a backup battery for your drill (if it’s not direct current) as mine died right near the end which delayed finishing assembly for about 30 mins or so.Be sure you have help as it is almost impossible to assemble alone – especially when putting on the roof.Be sure to allow around 4hrs to assemble this shed, even if your good at assembling these things.Take your time and ready the instructions twice to make sure you assemble as instructed and with the correct pieces and screws, at the right steps, etc.I put the shed directly on the grass as it was a level spot in my back yard, but I would recommend at least a rock base just to keep any rain water from collecting under or against the shed.I also suggest that if the shed will be on grass, you put some stones around it to deflect the rain run-off from the roof – it’ll dig a trench around the shed if you don’t.I’d definitely recommend this shed to anyone looking for a small shed that looks good and works well. It serves its purpose for me.Check out the pics!” – RichB. (Source: Amazon)

“Okay so we received everything intact, read the instructions and in the beginning they recommend a wood or concrete base. As you see in my picture I made a wood frame ($160 in supplies). I don’t see how you would just put this directly on the ground.We start putting it together and all is pretty simple for my husband and I to do it.Then, we get to the Roof. Put it all together no problem. Lift it up on top… and good Lord what a mess! The man in the instruction manual looks so calm and effortless! It was impossible. Finally we get one of the corners to go on… this is after like 15 minutes of frustration… quick call our teenage daughter out… “hold this just like this”! Then another corner. By the time we got it on we four teenagers holding the corners for their lives and my husband drilling the thing in. It was horrible.We finished the whole thing (wood base included) in about 5 hours. FIVE HOURS!!! Whew.The quality is fair. Plastic. Not sure how long this will last. I needed it for my chicken supplies. I would never install this again. Our backs are so sore!!” – Stacey Ann (Source: Amazon)

“We are thrilled with this small shed. It was just what we wanted. Prior to ordering it, we had a gravel pad installed. My husband put it together by himself in just a few hours, then painted it to match our house. We had architectural shingles installed to match our house as well. We added some super fun touches. Smallest window box I could find, play house shutters, a solar porch light, a door wreath, and a rubber mat, all from Amazon. Added an outdoor shelf behind the shed for added planter storage. We love this shed!” – The Calhoun’s (Source: Amazon)

“Yes it is very time consuming to put together …..but not complicated. Everything fit together great, and it’s very roomy!! The looks is the best part!!! It looks like a very expensive shed and it was half the price of ones at the store. It is thinner plastic, but very study when it’s put together !! Very happy with it and feel that it will hold up nicely !!” – Kellie (Source: Amazon)

“It was fairly easy to assemble. It took my wife and I right at 4 hours to put together. The only issue was the roof was a little tricky but we worked it out and it fits as snug as a bug in a rug. We’ve also had some rain down pours with no leaks whatsoever. Overall, it is a decent shed for the price and purpose which in my case is to store lawn equipment to free up space in my garage.” – Anthony Kimpson (Source: Amazon)

Other Landscaping Ideas

Create a beautiful garden oasis around the storage shed: Select a variety of colorful flowers and plants that are visually appealing and complement the shed’s grey and white color scheme. Consider planting a mix of annuals and perennials to ensure year-round interest. Add some decorative mulch or rocks around the base of the plants to create a clean and finished look.

Build a small wooden deck or patio in front of the shed: Construct a deck or patio using high-quality wood or durable composite material that can withstand outdoor conditions. Choose a design that complements the shed’s style and dimensions. Incorporate built-in seating or add comfortable outdoor furniture to create a relaxing space. Enhance the ambiance by incorporating outdoor rugs, decorative pillows, and outdoor lighting.

Incorporate a pathway leading to the shed: Design a visually appealing pathway using stepping stones, pavers, or a combination of both. Consider using materials that complement your yard’s overall aesthetic. Add a border of edging stones or flowers along the sides of the pathway to enhance the path’s definition. Illuminate the pathway at night using soft outdoor lighting to provide both safety and elegance.

Install a trellis or vertical garden on one side of the shed: Construct a trellis using wood or metal against one side of the shed. This will not only provide privacy but also serve as a focal point. Plant climbing vines or roses that will adorn the trellis and add a touch of elegance. You can also install planter boxes on the side of the shed, growing herbs or flowers in a vertical garden setup.

Use decorative lighting to enhance the shed’s appearance: Strategically place outdoor lighting fixtures around the shed to highlight its architectural details and create an enchanting atmosphere. Consider installing solar-powered LED lights along the pathway, string lights around the patio or deck, and spotlights to illuminate focal points like garden features or the trellis. Opt for warm and soft lighting to create a cozy and inviting ambiance.