Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Outdoor Resin Patio Deck Box

  • Store your patio furniture, cushions, gardening tools, pool accessories, and more with a deck box that has an exterior measuring 57 inches long, 27.5 inches wide, and 23.7 inches tall
  • Constructed from durable plastic that resist weather elements and has an appealing rattan or wick-locking texture to avoid rusting, peeling, fading, and denting for long-lasting use
  • Hydraulic pistons fuel an easy-lift and soft-close mechanism, allowing you to pull the top completely open and shut it slowly with minimal effort, simple enough for both kids and adults to use
  • Large storage box also doubles as a bench and has a weight capacity of 804 pounds to make the most of your patio space, declutter your yard, and create new seating in one fell swoop
  • Designed with a lockable lid (lock not included), this provides you with maximum security and the peace of mind you deserve by protecting your belongings from theft while away or on a vacation

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“We bought this to use as a deck Box and additional seating bench on our porch. It will hold all our furniture cushions, dog toys burs and squirrel seeds, etc, and keep them dry during inclement weather. We all love it!!!” – Lin in Bloomington (Source: Amazon)

“This box is very large and takes a good bit of space on our patio. However, it hold our loveseat cushions, fire pit, citronella candles, insect repellent, an 18 inch commercial grade fan, and heavy duty extension cord! I appreciate not having to cart these items up from the basement.” – John S. (Source: Amazon)

“I purchased this in October 2022 to store my outdoor cushions. It was easy to assemble and it holds all of my outdoor cushions. The real test was whether it would keep them dry over the course of the winter. And I am so happy to report that it did! We had lots of rain and wind this past winter, some really torrential downpours, but when I opened up the lid in May, all of the cushions were dry and ready to be used. I am very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an outside storage container.” – Dorothy A. Shields (Source: Amazon)

“Love it! Gonna get a cover just so the sun in the desert doesn’t kill it. But I love i can roll up my hammock with spread bar intack and store it.” – Reynald Adolphe (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Seasonal Storage for Outdoor Cushions and Textiles: Users can store their outdoor cushions, throw pillows, and extra covers to protect them from weather damage during off-season months. When bad weather unexpectedly hits, they can quickly stow away these items, keeping them dry and clean. Consider marketing to regions with seasonal weather changes, where homeowners need to protect their fabrics from elements like snow or excessive sun.

Poolside Organizer: The deck box can serve as an essential poolside companion, holding towels, sunscreen, pool toys, and cleaning supplies. It’s an efficient way for swimmers and sunbathers to keep their pool area tidy and have everything they need at hand. This can be advertised as a must-have for pool owners or as a convenience feature at small hotels or bed and breakfast locations with pool facilities.

Gardening Hub: Gardening enthusiasts can use this deck box to store their tools, pots, soil, fertilizers, and seeds. The lockable feature adds a layer of security to keep expensive equipment safe. Sharing before and after photos of a cluttered garden space versus one organized with the help of the deck box could appeal to potential customers who are gardening hobbyists.

Entertainment Storage and Seating Solution: For those who enjoy entertaining outdoors, the deck box provides an ideal spot to keep outdoor games, serving ware, and extension cords. As it doubles as a seating bench, it’s perfect for accommodating extra guests. Showcasing this dual functionality in lifestyle settings with a focus on small spaces or urban environments can highlight its versatility.

Safekeeping Outdoor Holiday Decorations: Customers can use the box to store their outdoor holiday decorations like fairy lights, inflatable yard ornaments, and fragile figures, keeping them safe and in one place. In addition, due to its sturdy build, the box can protect these decorations from potential damage when not in use. Featuring the deck box dressed up in different holiday settings could attract seasonal shoppers looking for decoration storage solutions.