Keter Artisan 7×7 Customizable Backyard Storage Shed

Give your outdoor storage an impressive upgrade with the Artisan 7×7 shed. Architected with both style and function in mind, this storage shed not only boasts contemporary design, and an array of practical features, it also has steel-reinforced double wall construction and a roof that can withstand snow loads up to 200 kg/sqm. Artisan sheds feature innovative weather-proof DUOTECH™ walls that let you enjoy the texture and appearance of a real wooden shed, without the hassle of ongoing maintenance. DUOTECH™ walls can also be painted and drilled with ease, allowing you to create a shed that evolves with your changing needs. Other comfort features include windows, lockable double doors, and a heavy-duty floor panel for clean storage of your ATV or sport gear.

Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I’m so happy I found this shed. I didn’t want a cheap plastic one nor a wooden shed. This shed is sturdy, roomy, and lets in enough natural light with the windows. My buddy and I assembled it in 3-4 hours. It came delivered in two long boxes that were really heavy. The instructions were good enough to follow as they were pictures only with no words. Make sure to keep your drill power setting to low when screwing in the screws. The only challenging part is assembling the roof. Make sure you have a tall ladder and someone to gently push down on the roof pieces when screwing it down from the inside.” – Erick A Larin (Source: Amazon)

“The instructions were pretty good, everything was numbered, all the panels and screws, making it fairly easy to assemble, but you have to pay attention!!! It takes 2 people, and it took use about 4 hours to fully assemble. Product update- 3/24/22, We had our first rain since we put up our shed last weekend, I would like to report, that everything we put in the shed was DRY!!! No rain leaked into the shed!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!” – Al Campbell (Source: Amazon)

“The product is great! All my items arrived. I would caution when assemblying to be careful with the flooring. It is hollow. I did add flooring, half in foam and rubber that provides cushioning. I did it all by myself. Did ask a neighbor to assist with the roof by pressing down while I put in the screws underneath. 1 person- 2 days taking my time 2 people- probably less than a day. I will caution to follow the instructions. There was one error I found at the end when adding the L brackets to the door. On step 60-use item SC15, not sf13 (head is too small). Turned out great!” – Mariam Sabas (Source: Amazon)

“The installation is easy and can be done by one person. I built the deck and put the shed together in a day and a half. The shed looks good because it doesn’t resemble other standard sheds. I highly suggest buying this shed for your storage needs.” – Mark Pappas (Source: Amazon)

Other Landscaping Ideas

Lawn Equipment Storage: The large modern design allows the shed to accommodate all sizes of lawn equipment. Often, machines like lawnmowers and garden tillers are bulky and take up considerable space. The Keter Artisan Outdoor Shed can effectively store these machines, protecting them from the elements, thereby increasing their lifespan. This shed also provides an organized space where each tool can have its designated area, making it easy to find and reducing the chance of any damage due to clutter.

Outdoor Furniture Storage: The weather conditions, especially during winter, can be harsh on outdoor furniture, causing it to wear down faster. The Keter Artisan Outdoor Shed provides a safe and dry space to store this furniture during such times. This will help customers save on replacement costs. Also, having a specific place for storage helps in maintaining an organized and clean outdoor area.

Gardening Tools Storage: The shed provides excellent storage for all kinds of gardening tools. For enthusiastic gardeners having a good assortment of tools is important, but it can also result in clutter. Shovels, forks, trowels, wheelbarrows, and watering cans can all be neatly organized inside the shed. The floor in the shed helps keep these tools away from the ground, avoiding any dampness and keeping tools rust-free.

Bikes and Sports Equipment Storage: Bikes and sports equipment can be costly, and any theft or damage can result in significant losses. With its large design, the shed is spacious enough to store several bikes and sports equipment at once. This secure storage space protects the equipment from weather damage and the risk of theft.

Workspace for Small Projects: The added feature of this shed is its usability as a workspace. The interior lighting and ventilation make it comfortable while working on DIY projects. Whether it’s woodwork or a DIY bike repair, the shed can easily accommodate all the necessary tools and provide space for work. Additionally, for those who love gardening, the shed provides an excellent space to work on potting plants or starting seedlings. The floor provides a clean and dry surface, protecting the user from ground moisture.