Igloo Heavy Duty BMX Hard Coolers with Triple Point Swing Handle, Skid Pads, & Stainless Steel Kick Plate

  • Heavy-duty blow-molded construction provides advanced durability; Extra-thick foam-insulated walls & insulated lid provide superior ice retention performance
  • Cool Riser Technology improves cooling performance by elevating cooler body away from hot surfaces; Durable, rubberized lid T-latches provide a secure closure & lock in the cold
  • Triple-point swing handle features stainless steel reinforcement & rubber grip for a secure hold; Oversized hinges & stainless steel hardware extend product life
  • Skid pads further protect corners & keep the cooler stable & secure on smooth surfaces; Stainless steel kick plate provides added protection & style
  • Stainless steel kick plate provides added protection & style; Molded-in fish ruler on lid lets you measure your catch instantly

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“Sturdy, looks cool, and kept ice frozen and food cold. We needed a new cooler since we got rid of our last one. We were road tripping over to Phoenix from Las Vegas and wanted to take food, drinks, snacks, etc. My husband was trying to talk me into buying a Yeti because his son has one and loves it. They live in Florida and go boating, camping, ATVing all the time so they could justify the cost. Knowing that we will only use it a few times a year, I set out to find a cheaper alternative, but still a very good quality cooler. I did some research and found that Igloo has a much higher end line of coolers than they used to and this one got really good reviews, so I ordered it.In reading the reviews, I learned that you can pre-condition a cooler by filling it with ice and frozen water bottles overnight and everything will stay cold longer. Neither of us had ever heard of that so we decided to try it with this new cooler. We did, and the next morning, we added our food and other drinks to it and stuck it in the trunk of my car. Phoenix is about a four-hour drive from Vegas and the temps started out at over 100 and got up to 110+ by the time we got there. When we got to the hotel and opened the cooler in our room, everything was as frozen as it was when we left. Maybe not too remarkable but pretty impressive given how hot it was in the trunk of my car. Anyhoo, we unloaded the food into the mini fridge and left the drinks and frozen waters in the cooler. We were making drinks with the mixers in the cooler, so we opened it a lot! Hee hee Everything was super cold the next day and the water bottles were still frozen, but the ice we brought with us had thawed enough so that it was ice cubes mixed with water. By the third day, the day we left, the water bottles were still almost completely frozen with just a little water in each one. We added a little ice from the hotel ice machine and it tends to be slightly watery, but by the time we got about two hours away and stopped for snacks, we opened the cooler and that hotel ice was even more frozen than when we put it in! Okay, now THAT’S pretty remarkable!Needless to say, this cooler is perfect for how we’ll use it. That was our trial run, but we’ll also use it for day trips in our side-by-side since it fits perfectly in the bed. One thing I like is that the drain plug screws on instead of just popping in or out, so it can’t be accidentally drained. Not only that, it looks really cool, AND they have several color combinations of that model so you can order the color combo that suits you best!” – TeriSH (Source: Amazon)

“IGLOO 25QT Pass or fail ice experiment. When I received this cooler, I stuffed this bad boy into the back of my SUV, and dumped a big ‘ol bag of ice into it. My vehicle was left outside with full exposure to the sun for the majority of the time, except for about three hours on day 3 where a big oak tree was shading it. (You can tell as the pics taken on day three have a grayish and bluish tint to it than all the other days). On day 4, the weather didn’t permit sunshine and it was cold. (Wisconsin bipolar weather phases here.)The cooler was opened only once each day to check on ice retention. The lid then got secured correctly and properly down with the latches after opening. I should also note that I pushed my monstrous 103 pounds of adult weight into the lid to ensure a tight seal, and then let the thing go for about 24 hours each time before checking on it.Overall, I was pretty impressed with how well this cooler performed. It allows for a decent 2 day ice retention. On day 3—or 48 hours later, although there were some melt (roughly about 25% “liquid ice” by then), all the chunks that were still left clumped into one giant block; And it was still pretty chilly inside the cooler. On day 4, the temperature dropped significantly which slowed the melt. There was still a good chunk of ice left however, and single cubes were still present and floating around, “shoulder to shoulder” in the water. The water was also arctic cold since the cooler did its bit to retain the temperature inside. This cooler could go for one more day in my case, but my situation is unique, and being able to handle one more day is definitely due to the extreme temperature drop on day 4.The advertisement is on point for AT LEAST four days of ice in my experiment. It seems this cooler will work for a four day trip. However, ice retention will depend on factors like if you leave it out in the sun, temperature, how often you open the cooler during the day, and how long you leave it opened for before closing it.Now this cooler needs some real live action play on some outings. I’ll be taking it out to test at campsites and then see what the results are. If this review needs modification, I’ll be back to change or add to it. Overall, this is seemingly a great steal at this price point!Also, the pictures I uploaded is not showing Day 1 to Day 4 in order. It’s completely jumbled up and I apologize for that. Amazon needs to correct this as this was not how I uploaded it.” – Vcm (Source: Amazon)

“I go camping a lot… …and I have a big, 70 qt Igloo IMX 70 as my main food cooler for long car camping trips with friends. I wanted something smaller for drinks and a bit more portable around the campsite (and on the long drive).This one is perfect, the 25qt capacity is perfect for keeping ice for drinks and a few bottles/cans cold. I also use it when I’m taking perishables from home for camping, throw a block of ice in the center (which gets moved to the big cooler upon arrival) and a couple of Igloo cold packs in along with steaks, bacon, half and half, etc. It fits in front to the passenger seat and I can throw my dog’s bed over the seat and the cooler for a comfy place for the fierce 21 lb Dachshund.This cooler’s sturdy, nice looking and will hold ice for quite a while. Since I tend to go for 5-6 night camping trips, I wanted to up the insulation/seal around the lid closure. I opted for adhesive foam weather stripping (1/4″ wide x 1/8″ thick) and installed it tight around the raised lip on the cooler so that it will add to the seal/insulation for longer trips. I’ve shown close-ups in two of the attached photos.Highly recommend Igloo Coolers, they’ve never done me wrong and this newer generation of their product line is even better and more rugged that the 50qt marine cooler that was spectacular for me for over 15 years!” – MHD (Source: Amazon)

“8+ days of ice! I had to drive cross country and I got easy 8+ days of ice with this cooler! First, I added weather stripping foam to the inside lid. I think that made a huge difference in how it sealed. Second, I pre-chilled it over night. Threw in some ice packs and dumped ice in it. The next day I put ONE BAG of ice in this sucker and then threw my ice blankets on top of my food and drove away. 3 days later the ice had barely melted. I did stay at a family home after that and kept the cooler in their garage, every 2 days I replaced the ice blanket and left the ice water. There was no reason to drain it because it was freezing. Day 9 is when I decided to start fresh and drained and refilled it with another bag. That was 3 days ago and it’s still sitting there with ice. None of my food has perished and I’m sorry happy with this purchase. Don’t let anyone tell you anything about owning a Yeti or Rtic, this cooler was fantastic with proper preparation!” – Skylar Keith (Source: Amazon)

“Good cooler. It is a pretty good cooler, I use it in my UTV and keeps everything cool all day long, I even have ice at the end of the day, I live in Cali Colombia where the temperature of the UTV can raise to more than a 100-130 degrees Fahrenheit all the time. I also bought a rubber gasket it helps a lot to keep thing cool and not drop any water in my Polaris” – Nicohe (Source: Amazon)

“It’s okay. It’s an okay cooler, it does what it’s supposed to do. It’s sturdy and the handle makes it feel secure when carrying. We put a 16 lb bag of ice yesterday at 8am and this is it now at 830am. I saw a guy put a rubber seal around the rim on the inside part to insulate better. But all around it’s okay it’s a nice looking cooler but personally wouldn’t get more then a day out of ice for it” – Liz R (Source: Amazon)

“Bear Proof (almost). We went camping this week and, of course, took our new Igloo cooler. Little did we know that Black bears were in the area and raided our cooler in the wee morning hours. The bear(s) dragged the cooler ~150’ from our campsite, ripped open the cooler, and had themselves a fine meal. Even though there are tooth marks penetrating the ‘skin’ of the cooler, and they ripped off one of the latches, this cooler took the punishment. Igloo will send me a new latch and I can seal the puncture wounds which means this cooler will see action again for a very long time…..Awesome cooler!” – WoodHobbit (Source: Amazon)

“Why buy a Yeti, when you can buy this and save $$$$$. Very solid, very durable cooler. Hundreds of dollars cheaper than the Yeti or other “hey look at how much my cooler costs” brands, and works just as good!! (And won’t get stolen first time you leave it out)The handles are thick and great grips for carrying a full load.The drain plug is well designed (you can even put a hose on it the run water away without having to move it)So glad I finally got one. 100% satisfied!I put one can inside and took a pic to show how big it is and how much it can hold ….” – PeonSanders (Source: Amazon)

“YETI-who?? This Igloo cooler is a quarter of the price and all of the quality! This cooler is a beaut! Slick color-way and rugged, durable look. Seems very sturdy and well built. Paperwork states that it holds cool for up to 180 hours which is more than I’d ever need. I don’t think you can beat this deal at $100 for a 72 Quart cooler. Check Yeti and you’ll find it costs 4 times as much! Can’t wait to get this cooler out and tested very soon during some fall camping!” – Hanna (Source: Amazon)

“Awesome and worth the money. I bought my first 52 qt over a year ago and use it often and it works great. I just bought another 52 and a 25 this week.I’ve heard these referred to as “Yeti Busters”Well worth the investment” – Charles E. White Jr. (Source: Amazon)

“Not all coolers are created equal…..this BMX 25 is great though! This is a great cooler. Finally a fairly inexpensive smallish cooler (half the price of a roto-molded cooler) that has insulation in the lid and bottom. Thick sides too. I’m a cooler nut and like to test coolers. Note: people’s comments on ice performance are very subjective. You need to test relative to other coolers and with the same conditions to actually know which one is best.I have a similar size roto-molded cooler and did an ice test with an ice block of the same weight against this one and several others. I checked the weight of of the ice every 6 hours and graphed on Excel. The Igloo Island Breeze 28 (cheap and no insulation in the lid) didn’t do so well. An Engle UC30 did even worse (I was kind of shocked by that……..I guess its more of a dry box than cooler with evidently no insulation in the walls…..but I digress). Anyhow My roto-molded cooler barely edged out this BMX25. I enclosed a picture of the graphRoto-molded coolers mostly buy you ruggedness. They barely do better than a well insulated less expensive cooler. Also be aware that since this cooler is dark in color, it will not perform as well as the white BMX 25 if left in the sun. I have the white one also. They perform the same in the shade though.” – Outdoor Enthusiast (Source: Amazon)