HOMSPARK Weather Resistant Vertical Resin Outdoor Storage Cabinet Garden Shed

  • COLORFAST MATERIAL – This Outdoor storage cabinet is made of double-layer resin sheet which is treated with blow molding technology to provide stronger wind and impact resistance, not easy to bend or puncture, the resin material is highly weather resistant, it can be used in all-weather and it is also easy to clean and maintain, suitable for outdoor use all year round.
  • PRACTICAL SIZE DESIGN— Interior Dimension: 46 in. Length x 25.2 in. Width x 77.2 in. Height. Which has capacity of 52 Cubic Ft, can hold 4 Laminate shelves, but shelves are sold separately. Lock not included as well.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE STORAGE— Perfect for storing garden tools, BBQ grills, firewood, seat cushions, kids toys, kid’s bikes and trash cans, lawnmower, garden accessories and more.
  • STYLISH DECOR—The simple and fashionable designs makes our storage cabinet popular. Not only does it ensure practicability, but it also ensures beauty. Wherever used in outside or inside,it could be a stylish decor. Add more fun in life.

Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“Great quality storage. This was the perfect solution for our needs. It was easy to build and doesn’t take up too much space. It did take 2 people to build (one to hold things in place and the other to screw things in). A power drill helped make the process go faster! The instructions were very clear and the pieces were solid quality. If you’re decent at putting things together it will take about an hour to 90 min.” – Catalina (Source: Amazon)

“So happy with my purchase, it fitted my space perfectly. It looks very beautiful after assembly and I like the white, clean color. Good value for the $$” – Basil (Source: Amazon)

“Product is great size and easy to put together. Seems a little flimsy for what I paid.. now the interesting part….there are NO shelves included in a KIT. So you either have to pay $118 more to get the shelving they recommend or build your own. If I would have know I probably wouldn’t have bought this cabinet.” – Stacey Coffey (Source: Amazon)

“I would say this is one of my favorite things I’ve ever purchased. I live in a one bedroom apartment with a patio. My apartment only has one closet in my bedroom for my clothes— it is a walk in and I was able to fit some plastic storage totes throughout but I was left with a bunch with no place to store them. I found this mini storage shed and after measuring my patio space as well as my totes, I saw that it would fit perfectly.I am so happy I bought it! It came fast and it easily fit all my extra stuff— it easily could fit 10 totes— 5 totes stacked on each side with some space in between (see photos). I also love the style of it and it looks so nice on my patio! It’s exactly what I needed and has allowed me to declutter my place. I live in florida am interested to see how my stuff holds up to the heat inside of it— but it’s under a covered patio so it really doesn’t get direct sun or rain so I believe it is perfect for where I have it.This was such an easy solution to my storage problem and I’m so excited to have found something so wonderful!The assembly process was a tad challenging by myself but I totally managed. This would be much much easier with two people but if you are handy and can follow directions and enjoy engineering, you’ll be just fine alone. I used a drill to get the screws in faster and it helped. I finished the assembly in under 3 hours alone.Would totally recommend this if you are in need of some extra storage and want it to look nice! Worth the money 1000%” – Lea (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect storage for even the living room that looks nice a beautiful armoire, closet if I may say. But I use to store my paintings. The plan was to rent storage and pay every month for this. I decided to go with that option to save lots of money and make my place looks more awesome at the same time. I love it.” – McLaren (Source: Amazon)

“Very well designed. Matching shelves available. Good design, spacious, sturdy, fitting shelves available (purchase separately).Most storage cabinets in Amazon do NOT have matching shelves.” – Yuming Chen (Source: Amazon)

“Exactly what we needed. Very good quality. Easy to follow instructions and easy to assemble, just takes some time with lots of screws. If you assemble by yourself might be tough but two of us assembled both sheds in 3 hours.We purchased 6 shelves in addition to the sheds.Very happy and they look so nice in our garage.” – Next of Cin (Source: Amazon)

“Easy to assemble. Nice fit for a small space on my deck to store my lawn equipment. It was easy to assemble, as I put it together by myself.” – Gina Womack (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Gardening Tools and Supplies Storage: Gardening enthusiasts understand the importance of keeping tools and supplies organized and protected from weather elements. The shed’s interior is spacious enough to store long-handle tools like rakes and spades vertically, while shelves (sold separately) can be added to organize smaller items such as gardening gloves, pruning shears, and pots. Its weather-resistant properties ensure that items like potting soil and fertilizers remain dry, preventing damage from moisture. A clean and dedicated space for gardening supplies not only prolongs their lifespan but also makes gardening activities more enjoyable and efficient, as everything you need is readily available and in good condition.

Outdoor Sports and Recreation Equipment Safekeeping: Families with active lifestyles often have a collection of equipment that can clutter the garage or backyard. The HOMSPARK shed offers a neat solution to this problem. Bicycles and skateboards can be stored upright or hung on wall mounts (if the structure supports it), while balls and smaller items can be placed on shelves. This organization makes accessing equipment easy, encouraging more frequent use and enjoyment of outdoor activities. The lockable feature (lock not included) ensures security, keeping valuable items safe. This dedicated storage solution helps preserve equipment by protecting it from harsh weather, extending their usability.

Patio and Pool Accessories Hub: Maintaining a swimming pool and patio area requires various accessories and cleaning supplies that can create clutter and pose safety hazards if not stored properly. The HOMSPARK shed’s capacity is perfect for organizing these items, including chemical treatments, testing kits, hoses, inflatable toys, and pool covers. Such an organized approach not only enhances the safety and aesthetics of your outdoor area but also makes pool maintenance tasks more streamlined, with everything in one place. Moreover, storing pool chemicals in a shaded, weather-resistant shed minimizes their exposure to direct sunlight, which can degrade their effectiveness.

Outdoor Entertaining Essentials Cache: Preparing for outdoor gatherings can be a hassle, especially when it comes to setting up and finding where things are stored. The HOMSPARK shed comes to rescue by serving as a centralized location for storing outdoor dining sets, cushions, decorative lights, and BBQ accessories. This organization simplifies the preparation process for hosting outdoor events, enabling quick and easy access to essentials without having to go through the garage or house. Plus, its stylish design complements the outdoor decor, significantly enhancing the overall ambiance of your entertaining space.

Backyard Workshop or Hobby Area: Creatives and DIY enthusiasts often require a dedicated space for their projects and tools. Transforming the HOMSPARK shed into a private workshop offers numerous benefits. Tools and materials can be neatly organized on shelves, while larger equipment fits comfortably inside, thanks to the shed’s spacious design. This setup not only makes project work more efficient by having everything within arm’s reach, but the weather-resistant features of the shed also protect sensitive materials from moisture and temperature fluctuations. Creating a dedicated space for hobbies and DIY projects keeps the workspace separate from living areas, minimizing disruption and clutter in the home.