Hodedah Kitchen Island with Spice Rack, Towel Rack & Drawer, Grey

The perfect addition to any home kitchen, this mobile storage solution is designed to maximize space while providing a variety of convenient features. This compact kitchen island offers a cabinet space to store small appliances, pots and pans, and much more. The drawer provides additional storage for utensils and dinnerware. Convenient and accessible, this kitchen island is the perfect place to store your microwave, toaster and other small appliances. This kitchen island is equipped with wheels for easy maneuverability as well as locking casters for fixed positioning, keeping it in place when needed. For added convenience, a spice rack and towel holder are also included. Built from high quality compressed wood, this kitchen island is both sturdy and durable, making it a great addition to any home kitchen. Overall dimensions (in inches) come to 35 H x 46.65 W x 15.5 D. This kitchen island can easily be used for anything from food prep to additional storage, making it an essential tool in any home kitchen.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“It took me a good several hours to put this together by myself with a hand held screwdriver. I would recommend getting a second person to help hold things in place but it’s definitely doable by yourself with some patience and ingenuity. A drill gun would’ve saved me some time and energy (given that you know the right pressure to apply because the wood could split). Before I even began putting it together, it helped save time by placing all of the pieces in alphabetical order (I put mine in a U-shape as I sat in the middle). That way you can easily grab the screw that corresponds to the labelled wood panels. I love it! PS. I’m not a carpenter, just a college student who likes a little organization in her life!” – ManaVai (Source: Amazon)

“First, you have to know that Sauder Furniture is super cheap and that is why it is affordable lol! If you are handy, it does the trick and will look really nice if you are patient and glue everything. You can expect pre drilled holes to not line up right and plastic handles and etc. If you are on a budget and not looking to spend high dollar, you will need to improvise a bit lol! With that being said, this is what it is and I picked up some multi purpose gorilla glue, which, I highly recommend. The cabinet has ample storage and looks amazing! I am a tea person and was hunting something on the cheap that I could spiff up for my tea station/area. I was a little worried because the box it was shipped in was open when I received it, however, I was one of the lucky ones because nothing was broken or damaged. The screws it comes with are the equivalent to drywall screws even the ones for the handles……..So again, pick up some kind of wood glue. This is no big deal if you are a handy person, as I always have other hardware handy in my garage. Anyway, with patience, a little creativity, and some good old fashioned enginuity, it is A+ in my book! I am pleased with it and super happy that all my tea stuff is in one nifty location now lol!” – S. Rose (Source: Amazon)

“Great for the price you pay. Easy to install – For anyone saying it is frustrating, it took 3 hours etc etc is just not good at putting things together. Take your time, go step by step and word of advice use an electric drill – even though says no power tools needed, I would recommend to. Just use common sense when putting it together such as with the doors or the backing with nails. For that part the top nails where tough to put in because of the countertop so I used a tiny drill bit to start a tiny hole then used hammer and voila.” – AP (Source: Amazon)

“I almost didn’t buy this because of all the reviews I read. First of all this thing is great for the price. Installation is very easy. Maybe because I’m a contractor but I feel like even a kid could put this together if they had common sense. TAKE YOUR TIME! It did not come with glue so I bought a small thing of wood glue, glue is essential to the success of installation. Glue everything! As for the people complaining about the doors being crooked it’s because they did not square it up properly before installing the backing. If you don’t know how to square up something YOUTUBE IT! Also I see a ton of people had problems with the pre drilled holes lining up. Either I got really lucky or again these people writing these reviews have no idea what they are doing. Which honestly is embarrassing considering the simplicity of this. Now as for the condition after shipping again I got lucky. Not a scratch on it. Packaging was Mediocre but it was fine. It’s not made to be in the middle of a room. It’s made to go against a wall unless your ok with a little of the particle board showing on the two corners of the counter top. All the parts came with spares. I am a professional in building things and I give this 5 stars. Don’t listen to reviews of people that screw up and blame the product. I almost didn’t buy this because of the bad reviews. Glad I did and I’d buy again a hundred times. GOOD LUCK, take your time, glue!!! And square it up before the backing!!!” – Eric (Source: Amazon)

“Took a few days to receive this Island. But loved it. I had an empty space in my dinning room and wanted an island I can entertain on for guest. I can place chip and dip for guests or I can decorate for the holidays. Also can be used for food prep cut veggies and roll it around because of the wheels. Very sturdy and pretty to look at. Only thing mine was missing a piece a metal bar on the left side to pull it around. Barely even noticeable. Fits loads inside pots pans, storage for food items. I loved it and would order again.” – Orlando (Source: Amazon)