Grand Patio 10×13 Gazebo with Mosquito Netting and Curtains

Gazebos are a great way to provide a shaded and private outdoor space to relax and spend time with family and friends. This particular gazebo has a weather-resistant canopy fabric to protect against the sun’s UV rays and 8 leak holes on the canopy to provide added protection during rainy days. The sides of this gazebo are framed with wind and water resistant zippered curtains complete with strings and nylon closures to give you a private space, and the frame is made of iron with anti-rust coating for strength and durability. The long side beam uses a two-section type to fix, which does reduce its wind resistance, but nails are included for secure installation. This gazebo can be used to provide a shaded area for pool parties, outdoor picnics, or just a nice spot for friends and family to get together. It could also be used to provide a private spot to relax and read or take a nap in your own backyard, or even as a great place to host an outdoor birthday party or wedding reception. Gazebos are also great for camping trips where you may want a covered area to eat, play games, or just sit and enjoy the outdoors. With proper care and maintenance, this gazebo will provide a shaded, private, and comfortable spot for years to come.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“It took two people about 3 hours to FULLY assemble this gazebo—including hanging the screens and curtains. I would suggest that you place the plastic hooks into the elastic spots on the screens and curtains and then feed them through the channel on the gazebo. You just have to feed them through in backwards order so the curtains/screens hang properly. The instructions suggest you feed the plastic hooks first, but it’s tedious to hang the curtains/screens in that position. Either way works though! Sturdy, waterproof, great covered area!” – Priscilla Milikin (Source: Amazon)

“We received the gazebo as scheduled, actually one day early. My husband and I assembled it in about 3-4 hours. We noticed that one of the upright posts was dented a bit when we took it out of the box. My husband was able to correct this himself. We made a mistake during installation that took extra time to correct. We installed 2 of the side beams upside down and didn’t realize it until we were screwing down the top beams. The photo-only instructions are nice but lack a few details so be mindful. We love that drainage grommets we’re added by the manufacturer to prevent rain water from pooling on the awning. This seems to be a change in design based on previous reviews that we’ve read. We had to raise the structure about 4-5 inches on concrete blocks and secure one side awning flap up so that it would clear the back door on our house. My husband also attached tie down ropes (not included) using parachute cord and secured the structure to our existing deck. We chose not to add the screen and privacy curtains that come with this particular product but like that it’s an option. We’ll store those for future use if necessary. We live in south central Pennsylvania and can get some strong 40+ mph wind gusts with summer storms, so we’ll see how the structure holds up. We also like to keep the structure in place from April thru October, so hopefully the awning cover doesn’t weather poorly. So far, so good!” – Linda Billig (Source: Amazon)

“After months of extensively searching for a gazebo – and reading reviews – I decided to purchase this Grand Patio one. It’s been up a few weeks and it’s simply GORGEOUS. Everyone who sees it says it just “upped my yard to RICH PEOPLE STATUS”! LOL Love that. It’s well made and NOT ROCKET SCIENCE to put together, as my 20 yr old son did it alone – w/ some “lifting help” at points from my husband. Both are tall dudes so no issue. Took about 3 hrs total to put together because they laid all the pieces out first and took inventory…then were being REALLY PATIENT with each piece, and CAREFUL not to scratch anything. When you need extra support and don’t have extra “people”, they used the help of our 6ft fence to lean portions on while erecting. The top section was a little tricky to put on, but they were VERY careful not to rip it.Gotta tell ya though….I’m SO THANKFUL to the reviewers…SO many great tips…anyone interested in buying this should read and take heed! SO many great tips and advice.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)