FLEXISPOT EG1 Essential Electric Standing Desk, Maple

Finding the perfect workspace setup for working from home can be challenging but with the right equipment it doesn’t have to be. The FLEXISPOT EG1 Essential Electric Standing Desk is a great solution for those that need a reliable and efficient workspace. This desk offers a spacious 40″ x 24″ work surface with a splice board that is environmentally sourced. The motor lift mechanism allows for smooth height adjustments from 28.6″ to 48.2″ at a speed of 1″/second with low noise (under 50 dB) while running. The industrial-grade steel frame and solid desktop can support up to 132 lbs which makes it the perfect standing desk to suit all needs. With this desk, remote workers can stay active and productive while working from home while being able to adjust to their ideal height. This standing desk is suited for both personal and professional use, allowing users to stay healthy and energized while completing their work.

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“This desk has been great so far. I was looking for a sit stand desk that was reasonable in price and looks good. This one checked all the boxes. It was very easy to assemble and the follow instructions. It only took about 30 minutes.The build quality is sturdy and the finishes are very nice. I would definitely recommend this to someone who is looking for a desk for work or just to change up their home office.” – A. Martinez (Source: Amazon)

“I bought this desk for my husband, he prefers standing and working. The table is very well made, I was nervous about the moving mechanism before ordering but it is so sturdy and easy to navigate. I love that it is so versatile that my husband uses it during the day and kids can use it for their homework once they return from school. I would highly recommend !!” – Aboli (Source: Amazon)

“I love this desk! i used to love our standing desks at work before everyone went work from home in march, and immediately bought the white version of this once everybody was home for quarantine. I changed it to this style just recently because I love the color of it and it fits my office vibe perfectly! It’s the perfect depth for my three screens, where as with the white one, I felt like it was a little too deep for what I personally needed. This one is the perfect depth. The standing feature is super easy and simple to use and I love that I was able to hide all my cords so easily. really exactly what i needed out of a standing desk for my office set up!” – Kiersten (Source: Amazon)

“This desk has completely transformed my home workspace! I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve been teaching second grade from my home office since last March, and ten months in this space made it clear that my old desk, although stylish mid-century modern, left me feeling chained to my desk chair. I’m used to moving around all day working with children, so shifting to sitting for 10-12 or even 14 hour days has been extremely demotivating. With the Flexispot Electric Adjustable Height Desk, I can easily shift from sitting to standing and even dancing along with my second-graders at the push of a button!In addition to my teaching career, I run a YouTube channel, which adds to my hours at the desk. Having the ability to stand up, stretch my legs, and continue plowing through my to-do list has reenergized me for the new year. This desk is fairly simple to put together – to be honest I had to call in my fiancĂ© to help with the wires to make sure I got it right – and once installed it worked like magic. It’s incredibly sturdy, has little adjustable feet on the legs so you can ensure it is level, even with the front feet on carpet and back feet on floor. The only thing that could possible make this desk any better is a small drawer, but honestly, a little basket atop my printer holds my essentials and I find I don’t even miss the clutter trap that was my lap drawer in my previous desk. If you’re considering this purchase – go for it! This level of quality at this affordable price point is too good to pass up!” – Lindsay Thurston (Source: Amazon)