FLEXISPOT EF1 Electric Height Adjustable 2 Tier Standing Desk

Introducing an innovative solution for a healthier lifestyle, this adjustable desk has been designed to offer maximum comfort and sustainability. The adjustable top shelf provides three height settings, ranging from 0 to 5 inches, allowing the user to position their monitors at the most comfortable eye level for reading, working and more. The advanced control panel offers 4 memory preset buttons, making it easy for users of any height to program and customize their preferred height settings. The sizable 55” x 27.5” desktop is 3.5 inches deeper than most standard 24-inch sit/stand desks, and is made from environmentally sourced materials that meet strict CARB and EPA standards. Additionally, this durable desk frame has been stress tested more than 20,000 times to ensure quality and safety, making it the perfect addition to any room or task. With Affirm monthly payment plans and Allstate Furniture Protection Plan available, this adjustable desk is the perfect way to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I’ve had a giant kitchen table as a desk for the past year and really went back and forth between a traditional desk and a taller desk. Every adjustable sit to stand desk seemed cheap, rickety, and not a good fit. I really needed a large workspace and an easy sit/stand transition (wasn’t loving the crank options or the pedals). This is seriously the holy grail!! It was easy to put together but MAN this thing is built like a TANK! Really sturdy and the mechanics are smooth.My husband’s favorite features are that it raises to 48″ AND has saved preset modes for a one-touch easy transition. I really love the split desktop design: it can be lowered to be one flat giant workspace or one of the 3 lift options to use as a monitor riser. Definitely a hardcore Flexispot fan now!” – T (Source: Amazon)

“I’m loving my new sit-stand desk! It’s so cute and stylish in my home office. It’s not too heavy or bulky in the space. I love the warmth of the wood and the fact that it has two levels. I think this desk would make a really cute homework station for the kids too. The wires and controls are well concealed so it could be a nice stand alone desk.The motor does a good job of lifting the desk smoothly. It definitely feels solid. I didn’t think I could afford a sit-stand desk but it’s really a decent price for the product. I’m glad I made the investment. Well worth the money. I would definitely recommend this product to others.” – Jessica C (Source: Amazon)

“The desk came in a large box, well wrapped, but damaged. Every corner of the desk was damaged. I needed the desk immediately so I didn’t bother with the exchange, especially after the 3 hr marathon to put it together.It is sturdy and holds up 2 monitors and a laptop fine. I do like the programmable heights.It would be nice if there was a cross bar underneath to rest a foot on.” – Jaime (Source: Amazon)

“I really liked how sturdy it is and how it doesn’t take too much space. My room is also my home office so I needed something cute, useful and sturdy. I definitely needed help to flip the desk because it has very heavy parts, but after that I put it together by myself. You could easily fit 3 laptops at the bottom and 3 at the top. The motor is not too noisy and the desk goes up and down fairly quickly. It fits my needs as a 5ft person for sitting and standing up. I highly recommend this product.” – Elly Chvz (Source: Amazon)