Edloe Finch Finley Mid Century Leather Sofa

Make a statement in any room with this timeless, handcrafted piece of furniture. Perfect for any modern or traditional living space, this leather sofa boasts a high-tenacity webbing and spring suspension system for superior comfort. The thick cotton padding of the seat, arm rests, and back make it ideal for taking a nap or reading a book. With its sleek, simple design, it can be a focal point of any industrial, midcentury modern, or traditional living room. This sofa can be the perfect centerpiece for your living space and is sure to add an element of sophistication to your home.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“The Finley sofa just arrived and I am very pleased. As with all leather, it’s a little firm, but I can tell it’s very high quality and it looks great. Looking forward to enjoying this couch for years to come.” – Penzt40 (Source: Amazon)

“Leather quality: I was used to Poly and Bark’s soft full grain aniline leather. I liked the way it felt. I also liked the look of the natural features of the hide. This sofa is top grain leather. It feels a little stiffer but I suppose it will soften over time. I have mixed feelings about the quality. It seems a little dry, fixable with conditioner. I’ve only had this sofa for a few hours and I noticed some large long scratches. My puppy does this “digging” thing sometimes, but it doesn’t look like she was capable of making these scratches. I’m not one to keep things in perfect condition but, the scratches puzzled me. I also saw pics from other reviewers leather condition that are unacceptable. I guess I’m lucky? Comfort: cushy enough to nap, not to squishy, firm enough. it’s comfortable for laying my 5’3″ body to scroll through my phone or read a book. Its a little awkward to sit up and watch TV because it’s so shallow. If I have netflix on, my feet are going up on the coffee table. Not sure yet if this is a cuddle worthy couch, but it’s looking grim.. can fit two people comfortably if entertaining, 3 if we’re best friends. Overall it’s not bad, given that I needed something small to fit through the door. I would have preferred a full size sofa for better comfort, lounging, and cuddling, but I’m happy with this. Its beautiful. Wish I caught it at the lower price.” – GG (Source: Amazon)

“Great couch. I think it’s beautiful. Not super big. Put together well. Would buy again” – Jerry (Source: Amazon)