Devoko Outdoor 7 Piece Dining Furniture Set with Acacia Wood Table Top and Rattan Chairs

  • 100% Polyester
  • Practical Patio Dining Set: A classic nature-inspired patio table and chair set is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. The dinette with a table and 6 chairs is perfect for gathering and just enjoying a relaxing time with family and friends in the garden, patio.
  • Acacia Wood Table Top: The 35*59 inch acacia wood table top provides enough space to place food. The treated acacia wood has strong anti-corrosion ability and is not easy to crack and deform. The steel frame provides sufficient strength and stability.
  • Comfortable Dining Chair: The chair surrounded by three sides gives you more sense of security, and the arm rests more comfortably on the armrest made of acacia wood. The foam-filled seat cushion is soft, breathable and elastic, and the seat cover can be removed.
  • Hand-Woven: New stronger and more sturdy rattan raw materials are manufactured into beautiful and delicate rattan, which are hand-woven by experienced craftsmen into comfortable and perfect dining table chairs.
  • Shipping and After Sales: We will divide into three boxes for you to ship. Please be patient if you only received some of the boxes, they may arrive at different times. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“Love this table! We love the sleek look, the sturdiness, the comfort, and the size of this table. We bought the table with six chairs and chair pads included. The four chairs fit under the table, which adds more room on our deck when not in use. Also, we live near the beach, so the winds get high. These are sturdy chairs and a sturdy table, so they will not fly away. My husband and I put the chairs and table it together in around 3-4 hours. No tools/drills needed. Everything is included. Just make sure you double tighten all the bolts once you finish as a final touch.” – Molly (Source: Amazon)

“Elegant outdoor dining! The table set arrived pretty quickly. It arrived in 3 different boxes which I liked because 2 boxes contained 3 pc chair set each and the third was the table set and each had its own screw set. So made it easier to install step by step. The instructions are pretty easy to follow. It does take time to put together if you do not have a drill which I used for the chairs. I installed the set by myself and did not need 2 people. All the holes aligned perfectly. At times you needed to wiggle it here and there but all in all the holes aligned perfectly. Make sure however when you install the table that you do not tighten the sides until the middle piece is in. Otherwise it will not slide through and you will need to loosen it and redo it. It took about 3 to 4 hours to install because some things were not very clear and had to figure it out. I am pretty handy – so it was pretty easy. As far as quality, I live in south florida so keeping it out in the sun and rain will most likely ruin in over the months or years so I keep it under my gazebo and covered when not in use. I took out a star for the plastic material as they seemed to be falling off while installing so I am hoping they last and do not keep breaking with usage. I did not reach out to the seller about it but if any further issues in the future I may. But I do take care of my items so again I hope this set lasts because it is a beautiful elegant piece! For the price it is excellent! The size if perfect for us!” – Eme (Source: Amazon)

“Excellent Quality and Price! First off, delivery was great. I got it a few days, maybe, 5 days after I ordered it. Surprisingly, they came in all 3 boxes. Although it took us about 3 hrs to install (whew!!!) it was all worth it. I was skeptical at first because I searched, and I mean I searched, the same from another sellers, but this was the cheapest.However, seeing how it turned out (sturdy and aesthetically good looking ), I was impressed the way how it looked at in our patio. The seat Cushion is not too thick (2 in), I put our other old cushions which made them even better so as not to get the new cushion dirty. The shipping cost is the only one that I wasn’t feeling good at all. However, taking all things in consideration, it still way cheaper than the rest. Incomparable!I thought I never went wrong with this purchase. I’m a satisfied buyer!I will recommend to our friends who would be visiting us.Thank you!” – Arlene R. (Source: Amazon)

“Great for the price. Great set for the price! Easy to assemble. Delivered in 3 boxes but on different days. You can adjust the legs for uneven floor. Wish the cushions were attached to the chairs better- they slide right off.” – Krizzia Browning (Source: Amazon)

“Overall a decent purchase. Out of the 6 chairs, had issues putting 1 together where the screw holes didn’t line up. The only negative is I thought I was getting white or cream cushions but they are tan.” – Erica Ross (Source: Amazon)

“Lots to assemble. This is a wonderful dining set which we hope will last.This set takes DAYS to put together unless you PAY ATTENTION to this statement “””insert every screw in a chair before final tightening on a single one”””I didn’t until my final chair and wish to hell I would have from the beginning. It will save a ton of time and effort.Again we love the set and hope it lasts under our covered patio…” – walter stephen miller (Source: Amazon)

“Nice set. I love the look of this patio set, BUT it was not easy to out together for me! I am alone and have osteoarthritis in my hands. The concept looked easy, but getting to the screws in the really tight areas with the tool provided was hard for me. I put all of my own things together with no issues, but this was challenging! Other than that I would have given it a 5.” – Sandy (Source: Amazon)

“beautiful patio set!. I have been looking for a suitable patio dinning set for months ,but the price in store most over 1000,my budge is under 7oo, i know the price is hard to get ,but finally i did it!,i like the set it matches my backyard ,The quality exceeded my expectations for the price. Anyway, I like it very much. Although I installed the table backwards in one place, I will reinstall it when I have time.” – Yes Sir (Source: Amazon)

“Gorgous. looks as described, I was kind of skeptical at first but after receiving and assembling it I’m so glad that I bought this set.” – nm (Source: Amazon)

“The most important thing the dining room set looks so beautiful in my backyard. It is, a great product and I love it. I recommend it to buy a” – Cesar Alvarez (Source: Amazon)