Devoko 100 Gallon Waterproof Large Resin Deck Box

  • Chic Design: This all-weather wicker plastic storage box with modern rattan pattern design, which is a great decoration for deck, garden, yard, porch and poolside.
  • Large Storage Space: This deck box has a storage capacity of 100 Gallon with totally dimensions: 47.8″L x 21.4″W x 24.6″H. It will provide enough room to store all your belongings for indoors and outdoors, such as pillows, toys, tools and equipments.
  • Strong and Durable: Made of weather-resistant and waterproof poly resin that prevent fading, rusting, peeling and bending, which can keeps looking new for long time using.
  • Extra Bench Seating: This storage box provides two comfortable seatings( weight capacity of 500 lbs), which can be used as a bench in your home. With two side handles, you can easily to move arround.
  • Functional Design: Equipped with two gas rods for easy opening and slowly closing, and prevents hands from getting clamped. Lockable lid will keep your belongings safe and secure.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“UPDATE:Still loving this box. It is holding up well in the elements here in WI, and is being used as intended. Additionally, I like that it is big enough inside that my packages all have fit so far, and I still have room for a “snack station” for all the delivery drivers working hard this holiday season! Plenty big enough. Seemed a bit flimsy till all assembled. Directions for assembly regarding hinges could be a bit better- took me quite a while to figure out which holes to use, and just fyi the middle hole on the hinge does not have a purpose as there’s no place to attach a screw anywhere. The sign does not come with it- purchased separately; as I’m using the deck box so my package deliveries stay dry outside in the rain/snow. I will update review if it does not fulfill that purpose.” – Nicole R. (Source: Amazon)

“For the money, this is a great storage option. Easy to assemble. I opted to add a thread of silicone caulk along all the edges to help keep the bugs out when assembling . I had zero problems assembling this unit. The shocks that hold the top door up operate well and perform their function. One commenter stated that 24″ square cushions could fit easily is incorrect. I had to lay my 24″ square cushions at an angle for the top to close. It worked out okay as I only had two 24” square cushions and two back scrunch cushions to store (which I fit under the angled main cushions). I was also able to fit four flatter chair cushions at the same time. Overall a very satisfactory purchase. I purchased the “light Brown” color but it is more of a gray color. As it turns out, this color actually works with my location.” – Dano (Source: Amazon)

“Got this to store the outdoor furniture pillows and it does that job. However, there were a couple hiccups putting it together like snapping the door hinges into place.My biggest complaint is that it isn’t particularly sturdy and the door doesn’t snap into place so things could technically get inside. If they addressed those concerns I’d give it 5 stars for the price.” – S Gay. (Source: Amazon)

“Extremely impressed with how easy this was to put together! Seems very sturdy once it’s full. Exactly what I needed until I build a shed. Pleasantly surprised.” – Cole Compton (Source: Amazon)

“Plenty of room! Was able to store 2 sets of chair cushions and 46” Papasan cushion. Easy to close. It’s kept under covered porch so I can’t speak as to how weatherproof it is. Worth the buy!” – Angela Phillips (Source: Amazon)

“All the sides just snap together..the only part I needed my husband for was to screw in the tension rods which are amazing! Rained for 3 days straight and none of the cushions were wet. Wanted to share the size of my deck chairs so you can see the depth of it. The pillows also fit with room to spare!” – BECKY AASE (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect container. These storage containers are lightweight but they keep the pollen, rain and sun off my firepit chair cushions. There is enough room to store yard toys like badminton set and dog toys too. Big plus is it doubles as a bench so now we have extra seating.” – Deborah Hamilton (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Poolside Clutter Organizer: The Devoko 100 Gallon Deck Box offers a stylish and efficient way to tackle the common problem of poolside clutter. Its substantial storage capacity allows you to stow away a variety of pool items, from inflatable loungers and pool noodles to maintenance supplies like nets and chemical treatments. Considering pools are often utilized during specific seasons, this box also provides an excellent way to protect accessories from off-season weather damage, ensuring their longevity. The waterproof and weather-resistant nature of the resin material guarantees that moisture and UV rays do not damage the contents or the box itself. As a dual-function piece, it also adds seating, which is particularly valuable in pool areas where space might be at a premium, enhancing the functionality without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Gardening Supplies Storage: Gardening enthusiasts know how quickly supplies can accumulate, often cluttering sheds or garages. The Devoko deck box introduces an elegant way to store gardening essentials right where they are needed in the garden. It obviates the need to haul items back and forth, saving time and effort. Its large capacity can accommodate various tools, from trowels and pruning shears to watering cans and bags of potting mix. The material’s durability ensures that the items are protected from the elements, while the lockable lid secures more valuable accessories. The box’s presence in the garden is not merely functional but also aesthetic; its chic design serves as a decor piece that enhances the garden’s visual appeal, while also providing a resting bench for gardeners to take leisure breaks and admire their handiwork.

Outdoor Entertainment Essentials Hub: For those who love entertaining outdoors, the deck box simplifies the logistics of setting up and cleaning up after gatherings. It intelligently stores cushions that make your outdoor furniture more comfortable, throws for chilly evenings, and even non-perishable snacks and board games, ready for spontaneous entertainment. The convenience of having everything stored outside yet protected from weather-related damage or critter invasions cannot be overstated. Moreover, by serving as additional seating or a temporary table, it effortlessly adapts to the needs of any gathering, reducing the need for extra furniture and keeping your patio or deck spacious and uncluttered.

Seasonal Item Storage: The versatility of the Devoko deck box extends into the realm of seasonal storage. By providing a secure, sizeable space for items only needed at certain times of the year, it alleviates the burden on your home’s interior storage spaces. Whether it’s storing patio furniture covers during the summer, delicate solar lights and inflatable holiday decorations, or pool inflatables during the winter, the deck box ensures these items remain in peak condition, protected from the damaging effects of weather and pests. The lockable feature adds a layer of security against theft, which is particularly useful for items of sentimental or monetary value.

Sports Equipment Keeper: For active families, managing an assortment of sports equipment can be a challenge. The Devoko deck box presents a centralized location where all sporting goods can be easily accessed, encouraging spontaneous games and activities. Its robust design can withstand frequent use, making it a durable solution for high-traffic areas like garages or sports courts. The benefit of keeping such equipment organized and in one place is twofold: it not only prevents items from being lost or damaged but also promotes an active lifestyle by removing barriers to play. Lastly, as an on-site bench, it provides a convenient place for players to take breaks or spectators to enjoy the game, integrating seamlessly into the landscape of family fun and activity.