Crock Pot Artisan Round Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Move effortlessly from stove to oven to table with the versatile Crock-Pot Artisan Dutch Oven. Made of durable cast iron with an easy to clean and naturally nonstick enamel finish, this American classic is perfect for roasting, slow cooking, simmering, sautéing, baking and more. Whether you’re making everyday one-pot meals or special Sunday roasts, this kitchen essential serves up consistently delicious results.

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“Perfect for sourdough!. I love this gorgeous Dutch oven. I can’t believe the price for the quality. The vibrant rich color looks beautiful in my kitchen, honestly a Le Creuset dupe! I have already used it a few times since purchasing and it cooks my bread loaves perfectly. Also super easy to clean and still looks brand new. This would make a lovely gift without breaking the bank.” – Ashley (Source: Amazon)

“Love the color!. Pot came without any damages. I can’t get over how beautiful the ombré purple is! This is my second purple enameled cast iron pot from this company and can say, they are very well made.” – It’s Me Yesenia G (Source: Amazon)

“I love this Dutch oven!. I purchased this gorgeous Dutch oven when I was adding some new appliances and things to my kitchen after a move, and this was exactly what I was looking for, with a much lower price tag than the “famous” brand. It has the lovely red/orange color scheme that I adore and it had great reviews. It was super affordable, so I ordered one.For the longest time I didn’t use it for much; it was more “That so pretty! I’ll figure out what to do with it later”. Well, after a mishap that ended with my stock pot burning all the Teflon off, my only option now was to use my beautiful Dutch oven. It is truly a wonderful design. I can cook on the stove with it, I can bake with it, and every time I go to clean it I imagine all the stuck on splatters that I can see are going to take hours to scrub off. And this is where the magic happens! Nothing sticks to it. Not on the outside, not on the inside. It looks as new as the day I got it and cleanup is ridiculously easy.How have I spent my life without this pot? I need to go find it in every size, because not only is it stunning to look at, it is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. I can’t rate this any higher. You should absolutely get this Dutch oven.” – McChelsea (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect size. This size is harder to get. I had one in the past. I confess, didn’t follow care instructionsThis comes with them and I promptly read it.Love the deep red color too” – Patricia E. Interligi (Source: Amazon)

“7 Quart Delight!. I first baked a whole chicken, and it cooked it well and the chicken was very moist and tender. The picture here shows me currently about to make chicken and dumplings with the leftovers. The pot is very strong and heavy feeling, which I guess is how it cooks the food so well. I highly recommend this. Thank you to customer service that replaced, the first one, as there was an empty box on my porch where this Dutch oven should’ve been. Guess it’s a hot item!” – Vicky Pratton (Source: Amazon)

“Love the blue. I’ve been looking for a colorful ceramic coated Dutch oven with good reviews. You can’t go wrong with Crockpot brand so decided on this one to try. So far it’s held up nicely after making soups & sauce aka gravy at least 10 times.I keep it on my stove top since it’s heavy & we use it. Looks nice on the stove so it’s kitchen decor when not in use.” – Mari (Source: Amazon)

“A great addition to our little family of Dutch Ovens. Right off the bat, the exact measurements weren’t listed so I took them from Home Depot’s listing and put it here. Note, the curve of the lid with the handle makes it about 2 inches taller. But this little thing is adorable and I love it. We haven’t cooked in it yet so I’ll update if anything bad happens. It was as easy to clean as our others. We just wash it in the sink and then dry it over a burner on low and let it cool. The color is much more vibrant in person. I think it looks great and makes the perfect top tier to our 6 q Dutch oven and 3.5 q sautuese. It’s light on the inside which makes seeing your food so much easier, a must! And the lid fits upside-down for better storage or stacking. So far it’s exactly as I expected it to be. Very pleased!” – Hannah Cross (Source: Amazon)

“BREAD. It has been a long time coming making focaccia cause I didn’t have the Dutch oven to make proper sourdough. Now though, I have the blessed Dutch oven and my bread came out wonderfully. You have no idea how happy I am!!!!!!! Alr so for the basics, I bought this Dutch oven used (like new) for way less than asking price and am glad for it cause it’s in perfect and pristine condition. I have no idea why they returned it. It worked wonderfully and looks beautiful. 10/10!!” – Leyla (Source: Amazon)

“I feel like a boss…. And a responsible wife and mother with this awesome Dutch oven now as part of my collection. I made chicken scarpariello today for the first time and specifically bought a Dutch oven just to make that dish. Everything turned out delicious and I was surprised how easy it was to use switching between an electric stovetop and oven. I’d read reviews on rusting etc. so I’m hoping it washes and holds up well.” – Lucy (Source: Amazon)

“Performs as expected. I purchased the Dutch oven purposely for my new hobby of no knead bread baking; it has been wonderful.The only downside for me is that I can’t scrub the stains out like I would normally do with my stainless steel cookware. But the care instructions do give ways to clean it. I tried the salt with a sponge but as you see in the pictures, I was not able to make them all disappear, although it is better than before. Yes, I am very happy with it.” – Donna (Source: Amazon)

“Amazing for the price. Great cast iron Dutch oven. Used it for baking breads and cooking stews on stovetop as well as making the most delicious chicken ever.Quality is fair for price, could tell it’s only single coating.” – Mark (Source: Amazon)

“Bread makers delight. Got this for my sourdough loving husband’s birthday and he is massively stoked on how his loaves are turning out. And have I mentioned how cute this Dutch oven is in person? So, fire up your preferred method of social media because you’re going to want to “foodgram” this!” – nicole (Source: Amazon)

“No chips here. No-knead bread must have.. Wasn’t too sure about getting this after reading the reviews, but I took a chance and so happy I did. Looking for a new Dutch oven to replace an old Marshall’s bought Chantal Dutch oven (which couldn’t stand the 450° oven temp needed for my no-knead bread), I stumbled upon this beauty. I needed one with a stainless steel knob on the lid, not plastic, and this fit the bill. Arrived 2 days later, NO CHIPS, perfect size for my small NYC apartment, and STUNNING. Pandemic bakers rejoice!” – MimiNYC (Source: Amazon)

“Just as good as Le Creuset for a fraction of the price!. I use this for everything I can. I’ve made soups, sauces, chicken, you name it! It’s a BEAUTIFUL pistachio color, so easy to wipe down and hand wash, and absolutely comparable to a Le Creuset Dutch oven for a third of the cost. Highly recommend. 10/10” – Cheryl Sikora (Source: Amazon)

“Gorgeous. The quality is amazing and it is so durable. No damage and in perfect condition when it got to my home.Beautiful rich color and makes amazing food as it retains heat so well.Definitely worth the money.” – ABredenhann (Source: Amazon)

“It’s beautiful!! So glad I purchased this one. It’s nice & heavy. My first Dutch oven. I’m excited to use it.” – Tanesha Wilbert (Source: Amazon)

“Pretty and well made. Photo makes it look too bright. It’s actually a nice cobalt blue to navy color. I love this pot for candy making.” – MrsT (Source: Amazon)

“Great for no knead bread at 450. Made ciabatta bread (no knead bread) with this beautiful orange Dutch Oven at 450F. Pretty happy with the size and color of the pot.” – Honestbee (Source: Amazon)