Coavas Industrial Style Foldable Computer Desk

A great way to make the most of a small living space is with a foldable computer desk. This durable and solid desk is made from waterproof and no-deformation MDF material and features a simple yet stylish brown texture desktop design. The desk is 100*50*72CM (or 39.4 * 19.7 * 28.3 Inches) and can be folded away when not in use, making it perfect for small apartments, dorm rooms, and taking with you whenever you go on a picnic. It is versatile enough to use as a computer desk, learning table, game table, picnic table, or secretarial desk, providing the perfect way to create a home office, studying and learning area, or even a gaming space. Additionally, it can be used as extra seating for family dinners or social gatherings. Overall, this foldable and portable desk is a great way to add functionality and style to your home, while making the most out of a small living space.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“This desk is great – sturdy and super easy to assemble; it literally took me just a few minutes after I got it out of the box. I wanted something that I could store if I wasn’t using it. Definitely worth it for the money.” – Patricia Bishop (Source: Amazon)

“We had this desk assembled in minutes. We use it 5 days a week. My grandson uses it for Covid schooling and home, and I do my bookwork on it once a week. We are extremely pleased with this desk.” – Randolph Wayne Smith (Source: Amazon)

“After read alot reviews I wasn’t sure if I should get it but y’all, I love my friking new desk. If you live in apartment, this is very friendly. Doesn’t take too much space & for thoses who like farmhouse & industrial decor, this kinda style of desk fit perfectly. Awesome price, fast shipping, easily to assemble & beautiful. Just know, the desk have like a “contact paper wood” on top but I don’t mind honestly. I have it in my living room & I like how is matching my decor perfectly. Goes well in this space. I highly recommend. Did I mentioned just took me literally 5 minutes to put everything together? Buy it & you not going to regret” – Jocelyn (Source: Amazon)

“This desk was exactly what I needed! I was looking for something small that I could use now that I’m working from home more and more recently. A fairly large and heavy box, but very easy to put together. The tabletop itself is sturdy, not like super hard wood sturdy, but I can lean my elbows on it and don’t feel like it will break. The only negative is that when I type it moves the monitor a bit, so the screen shakes. But that’s been easy to ignore/get used to.I love that I’ll be able to use this as a puzzle table, etc once I don’t need it as a desk anymore. Overall I’m very satisfied with it, particularly for the money. Can’t beat that price!” – Amber Deering (Source: Amazon)