Christopher Knight Home Francie Dining Chair Set, Grey / Oak

Bringing comfort and style to your home, these midcentury dining chairs are perfect for making the most out of your space. The cushioned seats ensure a comfortable experience and the rubber wood legs, finished in oak, give it a contemporary style. Each chair is 21.25 inches deep, 21.45 inches wide, and 29.52 inches high with a seat width of 18.25 inches and a seat height of 17.75 inches. The neutral grey fabric of the chairs make them easy to accessorize with any existing home decor for a cohesive look. This set of two chairs is perfect for small spaces, like apartments, or just as a stylish addition to any home. Whether placed in a dining room, a kitchen, or even a living room, these chairs will make a great addition to any space. Durable and comfortable, they are sure to be a great addition to your home.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I can’t say enough about these. They’re made of nice solid wood and feel like they would last a lifetime. I really like the grey fabric as well, feels really strong and thick.The chairs go together really easily, I’d say you could put a set together in under 20 minutes and they include all you need to put it together.The chairs are a little firm, might be an issue for you if you need to have super comfortable chairs but I like them just the way they are!” – TheFurnitureGuy (Source: Amazon)

We’ve purchased several of these MCM chairs for my home staging company. Scale-wise, they’re on the smaller size—the back of the chair is fairly low so they’re perfect for smaller spaces & are gorgeous when paired with glass tables in high rise modern condos—fabulous without detracting from a view!” – KA Davis (Source: Amazon)

“These chairs are just as beautiful in the product images as in person! The chairs were super easy to assemble, took 10-15 min of assembly for each chair! It was crazy how fast I set these up all by myself. I noticed towards the bottom of the chair it had a few scratchy wood chips sticking out, but it’s not too crazy, I can easily sand those section down myself. Just be careful when screwing in to not scratch yourself, but it wasn’t totally in the way. These chairs were super worth it! Especially for the price and mid century modern look, I definitely recommend anyone who’s on the fence to just buy them!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)