Christopher Knight Home Alfy Outdoor Club Chair Set

  • ACACIA WOOD: Made with acacia wood that brings a sleek and exotic look to your space, this durable hardwood naturally withstands outdoor elements and will not darken over time. Acacia wood is perfect as a solid, heavy frame that resists wear and tear.
  • TUB DESIGN: These chairs showcase a curvaceous tub shape which brings a touch of refinement to your outdoor space. This design features a semi-circular back that seamlessly transitions into its armrests.
  • SLAT DESIGN: Each chair features seating with beautiful open slat paneling, taking a sophisticated, classic look and giving it a modern twist. This perfectly complements the curved backrest of each chair.
  • WATER-RESISTANT CUSHIONS: Our cushions are covered with a non-porous material that makes cleaning any spill a breeze. Please note that these cushions are water-resistant and not waterproof. Please do not submerge in water.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I would absolutely buy these again! The quality of construction and the comfort are excellent. BUT I would buy chair covers at the same time and definitely not put them outside in the rain uncovered. The cushion covers are water resistant so liquid beads up temporarily making it easy to wipe off but in the rain they definitely absorb a lot of water. When I removed the covers water poured out.I assembled 4 chairs and one of the receiving holes for a guide peg was off slightly so I had to drill a hole in the correct place. It was no problem but could be frustrating for some. All the rest went together very easily and are very solid and sturdy. The feet on the bottom are adjustable so you don’t have a wobble. This is perfect since mine are on a flagstone patio which is uneven.I’ve been looking for a long time and am thrilled with these chairs. A great value! Just cover them when it rains.” – Scuba67 (Source: Amazon)

“These chairs are perfect. I got the 2 for about $300 and it was very worth it. They’re beautiful, sturdy, comfortable, and roomy. It was a little difficult to assemble by myself, but it was do-able and I didn’t have any difficult with the holes aligning.” – Emilie (Source: Amazon)