Novogratz Brittany Premium Upholstery Sofa Futon, Mustard

Experience the coziness and comfort of this stylish furniture piece. With its linen upholstery and ribbed tufted cushioned back, this futon offers an ideal seating solution for those who want to relax and spend hours in comfort. Its slanted oak coloured wooden legs and sturdy wood frame construction give it an aesthetic appeal and unparalleled stability and durability. Designed with comfort in mind, this futon is filled with a combination of soft polyester and foam so that you can enjoy long-term relaxation. With its unique rounded look, it can be a great addition to your living room and bedroom, or even your office or studio.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I was apprehensive because of the negative reviews on comfort… Not uncomfortable at all. Worth the price. I’m very happy with this purchase. It was assembled within 45 minutes. Very cute and easy to assemble alone.” – VeroMinz (Source: Amazon)


“Moved across the country and bought all new furniture. We have a 1-bedroom 775sqft apartment and wanted something trendy and cheap to fill the space. Assembly was super simple and it’s actually a pretty sturdy couch for the price. Love that it folds flat for when people come visit! That being said: it’s comfy for watching a quick tv show or hanging out with friends but when you’re only spending this much you get what you pay for. Overall really happy with this purchase” – John B. (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect for a decorative seating area. Color is beautiful, no imperfections. Muddy paw prints wiped right off after my meltdown. Would not suggest for fulltime/living room/TV lounging couch. Im 5’2″ and a fairly small human… I wouldn’t necessarily cozy up on it for a movie. I also assembled it by myself so definitely possible for 1 person.” – Ashley Mccall (Source: Amazon)

“Got this couch for our studio apartment in NY! It was fairly easy to put together & it looks really great. It’s a beautiful mustard color, and definitely somewhat of a statement piece. It brightens up the room despite it being a darker/dull kind of yellow shade. Moderately comfortable to sit and lounge on although uncomfortable to sleep on for more than a few hours (I’ve taken some naps here though). It’s spring-y, and definitely not something you want to get for long term use. I’d imagine this would be good for 3-5 years and eventually you’d have to fix or replace the springs, or maybe the couch itself. For guests who plan to stay over, we’re ordering a separate mattress topper to make this couch more comfortable to sleep on at nights. Generally, it’s a good couch and for the price point, you really can’t complain. :)” – Camiejdl (Source: Amazon)

“I will have to agree with previous reviews. The couch just ain’t right. It’s cute, fits well in small spaces. But this thing is uncomfortable, for real. Overall glad I bought it, even though it’s not the comfiest. My dog seems to find it very comfortable, but he also sleeps on the floor. So yeah. If you’re on a budget, get it!” – Suzette LaFrance (Source: Amazon)